Wednesday, December 19, 2012

President Obama Seeks Action after Connecticut School Shooting

After the news broke about the fatal shooting rampage in an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut last Friday, President Barack Obama in his grieving statement called for a significant action to curb gun violence.

The President said that he intends to bring together leaders at all levels in the country to seek for ways to restrain gun violence. Apparently, he seemed remorseful for having done nothing decisive against gun violence during his first term, although he supports the reinstatement of the ban on assault weapon sales.

However, following the said statement, House spokesperson Jay Carney told the media that the immediate aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting is not the right time to discuss policy on gun violence.

As previously reported, last Friday was probably the most tragic day of the year for many Newton residents after Adam Lanza, 20, shot to death his mother, Nancy Lanza, 52, and then went to the nearby elementary school, Sandy Hook, where engaged in a mass shooting.

Lanza shot 26 victims multiple times with his rifle, killing them instantly. He then shot himself in the head using one of his hand guns.

Unfortunately, 20 of the fatalities were children aged just six and seven, while the six others were all adult women, including the school principal, the psychologist, and four other school staff.

According to the Connecticut State Police, Lanza held two handguns and an assault rifle which were all found to be registered under the name of his mother. Meanwhile, initial investigation revealed that most of the victims were killed by multiple gunshots from his riffle.

Until present, the motive of the shooter is still undetermined but the investigation is gearing towards such discovery. Recent reports said that authorities have already recovered lots of solid evidences from Lanza’s home, but they have not revealed what prompted him to do the mass killing.

Meanwhile, Lanza’s father was said to be shocked at the horror caused by his son since he was generally described as a shy, silent, and nerdy young man.

So far, no premise liability claim was reportedly raised by the victims’ family against the school. Apparently, the transgressor broke into the school using the locked door. Therefore, such claims could be far possible since the school’s security apparently have never been an issue as previously reported by several media sources. However, it could be too early to tell for sure that no claims will ever be made,  since the incident happened just a few days ago. Most definitely, the families of the victims are still mourning their loved ones’ death, a Los Angeles injury lawyer said.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Los Angeles Based Singer Feared Dead after Plane Crash

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
The Los Angeles-based singer, Jenni Rivera, was feared to have been killed in a place crash last Sunday in Northern Mexico area, media sources said.

As recently reported, the Mexican-American superstar’s family presumed that her body was one of the remains found in the accident scene in a rugged territory in Nuevo Leon although the authorities are have not yet confirmed her death.

In a statement released by her father, Pedro Rivera, he claimed that his son Lupillo confirmed her daughter’s death after he flew to Monterrey the next day after the incident. He also told media sources gathering in his Los Angeles home that he believed that his daughter’s body remains in unrecognizable.

According to the information gathered by the Civil Aviation, the plane had crashed leaving no survivor.

Further reports claimed that the plane that was scheduled to arrive in Toluca at 4:30 am showed no record of arrival. Therefore, the authorities began searching for it at 4:40 am with the help of two helicopters and an airplane according from a statement from the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation.

Moreover, the agency’s spokesperson, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, claimed that there is nothing recognizable, neither the materials nor the body of the casualties from the wreckage due to the strong impact of the plane. In fact, the remains, including Rivera’s mangled California driver’s license, were scattered over an area of 250 to 300 meters in a very rough terrain in Sierra Madre Oriental in Mexico.

Until present, the cause of the crash is not yet determined but the investigation is currently under way.

Esparza said that the plane was carrying the singer, her make-up artist, her publicist, the pilot and two other people when the crash occurred.

Incidentally, based on Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) records, Learjet 25, number N345MC was registered under Starwood Management of Las Vegas, Nevada. Records also revealed that it was built in 1969 and had an existing registration until 2015.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles accident attorney herein noted that although aviation accident seldom occurs, the possibility that all passengers being killed at high stake.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bobbi Kristina Wrecks Chevy Camaro Anew

Just a few weeks after Whitney Houston’s sole daughter, Bobbi Kristina, wrecked her own Camaro while parking it in her apartment complex in Georgia, she again smashed the same while driving it out of her parking garage.

As reported, the police were alarmed upon receiving a call from 911 claiming that a car has been wrecked from a single car accident in Alpharetta, Georgia last Nov. 28.

When the police arrived at the scene, Bobbi was already standing outside her once-shiny expensive car and appeared uninjured but somehow needed little assistance, according to the police who responded at the scene.

Police officers confirmed that it was a single vehicle accident. Moreover, investigation revealed that Bobbi was trying to pull her car off their apartment’s parking garage and make a left turn when she lost control of it. As a result of which, the Camaro ran over a curb, down an embankment, and struck several trees nearby.

Fortunately, the police further confirmed that alcohol or drugs was not a factor in the incident. Nevertheless, Bobbi was still ticketed by the police for ‘failure to maintain lane’.

Meanwhile, Bobbi’s car appeared to be totaled. Therefore, the car insurance company where her car Chevy Camaro was insured would probably get too disappointed for the second time around in just one month. Incidentally, it was only last Nov. 5 when Bobbi smashed her own car in her boyfriend’s vehicle as she was parking it in her apartment.

Apparently, Bobbi needs some more driving lessons from professionals since it was not only her first time being involved in such wreck, suggested a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. Fortunately, in those vehicle accidents, nobody got hurt—that is, aside from her high end vehicle, which was always left partially damaged, if not totaled.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Got into Car Accident over Excessive Obsession with Honey Boo Boo

Hunger Games’ actress, Jennifer Lawrence, was reportedly involved in a vehicle mishap over her obsession with the TLC reality star, Honey Boo Boo.

As reported, Lawrence admitted that one of her most embarrassing moments was when she got into a car accident after hallucinating that she just saw Honey Boo Boo along her way.

During her interview with The Tonight Show’s Jay Leno, Lawrence said that the incident took place in Georgia during a breast cancer parade which was attended by people wearing pink sashes labeled with the word ‘boobs.’

Apparently, Lawrence thought that the sashes were saying Boo Boo. Consequently, her eyes started searching for Honey Boo Boo among the people at the scene while craning her neck until she saw a little girl whom she thought was the reality TV star.

Unfortunately for Lawrence, she ended up smashing her vehicle into another car in front of her. Therefore, to her shame, she was forced to explain to the other driver what really happened before she crashed his car.

Lawrence further claimed that she sincerely asked for an apology to the other driver and its family and she was glad that the family understands her obsession over the reality TV child star.

The 22-year-old actress had her lead roles in TBS’s ‘The Bill Engval Show’ and the independent films, ‘The Burning Plain’ and ‘Winter’s Bone’ and at the age of 20, she was the second youngest actress to be nominated for Best Actress in the Academy Award. In 2011, she also played a major role in the film ‘X-men: First Class’ and gained a wider recognition after playing another major role—this time as the lead female actress in ‘The Hunger Games’ movie. She was in fact referred to as the most talented young actress in America for her role in the said hit movie.

Ironically, to the surprise of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, he concluded that such big stars likewise got star struck and obsessed with other celebrities just like any ordinary people. Nevertheless, he is somehow grateful that nothing serious happened as a result of the young actress’ celebrity obsession.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Country Singer Sammy Kershaw Thankful for Surviving Tour Bus Accident

tour bus
American country music artist, Sammy Kershaw, was reportedly involved in a bus accident in Tennessee last week.

According to news reports, Kershaw was thankful for being alive following a bus accident that occurred last November 2 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kershaw was one of the passengers in a tour bus that was struck by another vehicle driven by an unidentified woman after he and his band performed in Nocoma, Texas.

As a result of the collision, the woman sustained injuries and hospitalized while Kershaw and nine other members of his band were left a bit shaken up and traumatized. Reports said that the injuries they sustained were not enough to warrant medical treatment.

On the other hand, the tour bus was left with severe damages while the woman’s car was said to be totaled.

The day after the incident, Kershaw took to his Facebook account to inform his fans that he is alright. Moreover, in his statements which were quoted below, he said:

“Thanking the good Lord up above. We were in a pretty bad bus accident last night in Nocona, Texas but everyone is okay including the lady that ran into the side of the bus. The lady’s car is a total loss and the bus is down for an undetermined amount of time, but those are the just things. We can replace those. Amen.”

"I understand she (the female driver) just had a broken ankle in a couple of places and her face bruised up from the air bag and it really could have been a bad situation," Kershaw adds. "I travel with a lot of guardian angels all my life…but cars and buses and all that other stuff is just things and things can be replaced."

Incidentally, the good news is that the country singer has not cancelled any concerts following the incident.

Kershaw has scored major hits in his career as a country singer. He has released ten studio albums, which earned three RIAA platinum certifications and two gold certifications. In fact, among his singles, more than 25 songs have entered Top 40 spots on the Billboard Hot Country Songs, including his number one hit song, ‘She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.’

Meanwhile, in his statement, a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney here said the female driver is still fortunate for only sustaining non-life threatening injuries considering that she collided with a larger vehicle. That is something to be really grateful for, especially for the music artist’s party, he added.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Costa Concordia Captain Files Wrongful Termination Claim

Photo gives credit to Web Pro News.
After the captain of the Italian cruise ship that capsized last January was charged in connection with the multiple deaths after abandoning his sinking ship, he is now suing for wrongful termination.

Apparently, Francesco Schettino recently filed a wrongful termination claim after he was charged with manslaughter and abandoning ship as it was sinking at Tuscany last January 13.

The said lawsuit was actually an appeal following Schettino’s job dismissal. According to his lawyer, the former captain is simply practicing his legal rights as a worker.

Schettino was blamed for the 32 deaths of passengers and crew of the cruise ship loaded with 4,000 passengers and crew members.

Previous reports claimed that the former captain brought the cruise ship too close to shore, which caused it to hit a coral reef, lean on one side, and sink. Subsequently, he abandoned the ship while passengers were still trying to flee from the sinking boat.

At present, Costa Cruises, the company that owns the capsized ship, remains focused on the process of removing the wrecked ship, which was expected to be totally cleaned up by January next year. Meanwhile, the company is currently looking for solutions to improve the time frame of the wreckage removal.

So far, reports claim that the company is yet to comment on Schettino’s lawsuit. 

On a related note, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer explains that wrongful death claims stem from a number of contexts ranging from car accidents, construction accidents, slip-and-fall, and drowning accidents.

When such incidents occurred, the survivors or beneficiaries of the victims or the decedents are entitled to receive compensation from the person or party liable for the incident. Compensations include immediate expenses related to the death, loss of benefits, loss wages, pain, suffering, and other damages, he added.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lindsay Lohan’s Recent Hit-and-run Charges Dropped

News reports recently revealed that Lindsay Lohan’s hit-and-run charges resulting from a September incident was already dropped.

It can be remembered that Lohan was recently charged with hit-and-run following the incident that occurred in a luxury Manhattan Hotel last September 19;

It was said that as Lohan was parking her car at Dream Hotel in New York, she allegedly hit the knee of a man and subsequently proceeded to the hotel to attend a gathering as if nothing happened.

Consequently, although the man was not seriously injured, he was transported to a hospital after complaining of pain. Physicians said that the victim had torn tendons and was given with prescription medicine.

As a result of the incident, Lohan was booked for hit-and-run charges. However, she was later released without bail.

On the other hand, the 26-year-old actress denied that she had sideswiped someone. In fact, she claimed that she was not even aware that such incident occurred.

Fortunately for Lohan, police believed her statement since the latter think that the actress was sober during her arrest. Therefore, she was not even required to take a breathalyzer test.

In addition, if the incident so happened, it was indeed possible that the young actress did not feel the collision since it was too minor.

Furthermore, the video footage requested by Lohan’s party apparently played a key role in Lohan’s defense over her alleged hit-and-run act since it failed to reveal the identities of the pedestrians passing near the parking lot when she passed by.

Recent reports claimed that the prosecutors in Lohan’s hit-and-run case ruled that there was not enough evidence to support the victim’s claim. Therefore, the case against the actress was finally dropped.

However, the alleged victim can still pursue a civil case against Lohan if he deems it fit.

In the meantime, Lohan should not be too victorious since the case was not yet totally resolved, pending the accuser’s decision whether to push the case or not.

But at least, the actress should be somehow thankful that she got some giant leap to weaken the case due to lack of solid evidences, a car accident attorney in Los Angeles commented.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crazy Town Lead Singer Sued for 2010 Car Crash

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Hollywood Reporter.
After falling into a drug-induced coma early this year, Crazy Town lead singer Seth Binzer is now facing a lawsuit concerning his involvement in a 2010 car accident.

In her lawsuit, Erika Holmes claimed that she was permanently injured after the said incident.  She further claimed that the Butterfly rapper was wantonly, recklessly, and tortuously driving his car when he rammed her vehicle, which caused her severe personal injuries.

Binzer, who is best-known for his stage name, Shifty Shellshock, is currently being questioned in court regarding his real name.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles, California seeking for unspecified damages, which include general- and medical-related expenses.

It can be remembered that last April, Binzer suffered from a drug-induced coma, which he luckily survived. Previous reports revealed that Binzer went on a binge of pills, Gamma Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), and crack and fell into coma.

It can be remembered that back in 2001, Binzer was one of the singers who were riding in fame. However, a lot of things have changed for him since then.

Last year, the rapper had a stint in the reality TV show, Celebrity Rehab. Consequently, the past few years have not been good for him.

Accordingly, the increase of car related disaster is the most common reason why people who got involved in car accidents bring up their personal injury claims in courts across the country.

Moreover, as observed by several personal injury lawyers, the increasing number of traffic accidents and injuries cannot really be avoided despite the efforts being exerted by both federal and state government. Apparently, the root cause of the problem is the hundreds of irresponsible motorists hitting the road every day.

Monday, October 8, 2012

California Train Mishap Injures 20

Photo gives credit to the original owner, 
Diane Tuazon of CBS 47 TV.
At least 20 persons sustained injuries following the truck and train collision that occurred in Central California.

According to news reports, a tractor-trailer truck loaded with cotton seeds failed to yield at a rail crossing signal. Consequently, it crashed with an Amtrak passenger train near the city of Hanford, some 30 miles south of Fresno, Kings County. At least three of the five cars of the passenger train were pushed off the track due to the collision’s impact.

Previous news stories revealed that at least 20 passengers of the train have sustained minor to severe injuries from the incident. Most of the injuries incurred by the passengers were cuts, bumps, bruises, scrapes, and broken bones, according to Kings County Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam.

Additionally, some of the injured were transported to the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno while others were rushed to nearby Adventist Medical Center in Hanford, authorities said.

Meanwhile, according to California Highway Patrol (CHP) spokesperson Jerry Pierce, the truck driver sustained minor injuries.

At present, investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the crash.

In addition, subsequent reports claimed that another truck and train collision occurred just a few miles away from the first incident, in which the truck driver was left with severe injuries, according to the CHP.

Basically, such train accidents consist of derailments, collision with other vehicles, and collision with trains. In some cases, accidents are due to mechanical failure and negligence. Incidentally, if the investigation on such accidents revealed evidences of negligence on the part of a certain party or individual, there are existing laws that could determine the extent of liability of the party responsible for the accident, according to a Los Angeles accident attorney.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Arizona Carjacking Chase Ends with Suicide

A high-speed carjacking pursuit in Arizona ended with suicide after the carjacker shot himself.  The apparent suicide was unintentionally aired live on Fox News.

Initial reports revealed that the unidentified man who was being pursued by the police was first reported to have stolen a red SUV and was later reported to have been involved in a car accident.

Subsequently, when the police started to pursue the said suspect, the man began to shoot at police cars and a Fox News chopper that covered the high-speed chase along I-10 outside nearly 75 miles from the California border, according to Phoenix Police spokesperson, Tommy Thompson.

Even still, the camera from the chopper captured events from the moment wherein the SUV was seen zooming along Arizona’s wide open highway, flashing past vehicles, weaving through traffic, switching lanes until it reached a grassy area and came to a stop.

Eventually, the man was seen stepping out of the SUV, took out his gun, and shot himself in the head. Unfortunately, the said incident was likewise broadcasted live by Fox News.

Consequently, its news anchor, on behalf of Fox News, asked for an apology for airing the shooting while admitting that it’s insensitive and wrong. Also, Fox News claimed that the mistake was the result of severe human error. Through its statement, Fox explained that although the feed was five-seconds delayed, its crews failed to timely cut the video feed.

According to police, the suspect died at the scene. Fortunately, no civilians or police got injured in the wild chase.

Apparently, high-speed police pursuit is getting wilder and becoming more fatal. Therefore, authorities should definitely implement a stricter protocol during wild-chase, according to a Los Angeles auto accident attorney.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another California Police Pursuit Ends in Motorcycle Crash

Just a couple of weeks after the California police pursuit that killed a pedestrian, another police chase that occurred in Santa Rosa, California last Friday night severely injured a motorcyclist.

According to reports, a man trying to avoid a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer broke his back and sustained other minor injuries following a motorcycle accident.

CHP officials claimed that the man who was identified as Alexander Ketcham, 43, was spotted over speeding in his motor vehicle along River Road just west of Santa Rosa at around 9:46 in the evening last Friday.

Upon seeing the motorist accelerating to speeds in over 90 mph, the officer pursued the motorcycle south into Fulton Road and then west of Guerneville Road for about 4 miles and up until south in Frie Road before finally heading onto state Highway 116 wherein the motorcycle failed to overtake another car and then sideswiped the same.

Ketcham apparently lost control of his motorcycle and struck into a raised embankment and road sign. He was then ejected from his motorcycle and came to a stop on the north shoulder of the highway.

Ketcham broke his back and sustained cuts on his hands and arms. He was immediately transported to the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. However, it did not exclude him from being arrested on suspicion of reckless evasion and possession of false license plate on his motorcycle, according to CHP officials.

Admittedly, driving around in an open vehicle such as a motorcycle can be extremely fun and exciting. However, just like in any other extreme activities that pose a lot of safety risks, motorcycle accident can happen.

Perhaps, Ketcham became overwhelmed by his motorcycle’s ability to accelerate faster than one can ever imagine, that is why he was not able to help himself from pushing its speed to the limit, speculated by a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Civil Rights Violation Victim Rodney King’s Death Ruled Drowning Accident

Several weeks after his death, authorities have now ruled Rodney King’s death as drowning accident.

Rodney King was found motionless lying at the bottom of his swimming pool by his fiancé, Cynthia Kelley in his home in Rialto, near Los Angeles last June 17.

According to reports, Kelley immediately called for help upon seeing her 47-year old fiancé drowning at the pool since she could not swim.  She tried to reach King using a pitchfork and hoe until authorities arrived and pulled King out of the water. Rodney was subsequently transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Finally, the investigation is now completed and based on the autopsy and toxicology report, King was in a state of drug and alcohol-induced delirium at the time of the terminal event and either fell or jumped into the swimming pool that led to his death.

Rialto Police Captain Randy DeAnda further explained that the combination of ethanol or alcohol and multiple drug toxicity have triggered an irregular heartbeat and made King unable to save himself from drowning.

In her statement, Kelley was in bed sleeping when she was awakened by a grunting and growling sound and then he saw King at the patio door having frothy secretions coming form his mouth. Therefore, Kelley went on to get her cell phone but while she was making a call, she heard a splash and by the time she got into the pool, she saw King lying face down in the deep end.

He was 47.

He became well-known after he was pulled over by four Los Angeles police officers for speeding on a dark street on March 3, 1991. He was severely beaten by the apprehending cops while a bystander incidentally filmed the scene showing him being repeatedly hit with batons, kicked, and shot with stun guns. The video was then broadcasted by media outlets all over the world.

Consequently, the incident left King with brain injury. Unfortunately, the officers involved in the beating were acquitted a year after the incident. The said acquittals inflicted racial issues and eventually triggered the 1999 Los Angeles riots wherein 53 people were killed and more than 2,000 were injured.

The huge riot required the presence of soldiers from the United States Army National Guard together with the United States Marines from nearby Camp Pendleton, California since local authorities can no longer control the riots. The damages incurred by the said outrage amounted to $1 billion to the State of California, according to reports.

Although drowning accidents can’t be avoided, there are some instances like in King’s case that are unavoidable due to several circumstances. Nevertheless, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles felt somehow relieved that King’s case has been finally resolved.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rider Performing Stunt Dies in Motorcycle Accident

A 39-year-old motorcycle rider was killed in a motorcycle accident after performing a dangerous trick for his family.

According to reports, the incident happened at around 2:15 in the afternoon in 1100 block of First Place, just southwest of Pioneer Parkway West and Centennial Boulevard intersection.

Authorities said that the man, identified as Jeremy Kenneth Gale, was performing a motorcycle stunt called “wheelie” in his 2006 Yamaha motorcycle for his family, which includes his 9-year old nephew, when he lost control of his bike and slammed into a pole.

Although Gale was wearing a helmet at the time of incident, he possibly suffered “blunt force” injuries upon hitting a utility pole that caused his death, according to Sgt. Richard Jones.

Wheelie is a common motorcycle stunt wherein the front wheel of the motorcycle comes off the ground due to extreme twisting force being applied to the rear wheel. Usually, the driver primarily uses his or her body weight and steering to control the direction and the inertia of the spinning front wheel acting as a balance.

Based on the initial investigation, speed is apparently a major factor in the accident. Sgt. Jones further said in a news report that the California man was going fast enough that he was not able to control his vehicle to avoid the utility pole. Furthermore, authorities found out that Gale came from the city of Norco in Los Angeles and was just visiting his relatives who live in First Place, near the accident scene.

Obviously, in such kind of accident, there is no one to be blamed for. Although it might be distressful that someone had to die in order to learn his lesson, a Los Angeles bike accident lawyer is somehow grateful that nobody from the rider’s family incurred injury from the incident. However, he is likewise bothered for the victim’s nephew, who at his early age witnessed how a tragic motorcycle accident claimed the life of one of his family members.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Driver Weaving through Traffic Dies Following Motorcycle Accident

A 41-year old man from San Francisco died after weaving through traffic. The said motorcycle accident occurred more than a week ago but the wounds that it left to the victim’s family and friends still linger.

It was a tragic accident that occurred just east of the I-680 over intersection. According to the initial investigation, the driver of the motorcycle, identified as Robert Baker, was recklessly driving his 2004 Suzuki GSXR-1300 minutes before the incident occurred.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver was weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed when he struck a Toyota Camry. As a result of which, Baker was thrown out from his motorcycle and landed on the pavement directly in front of a Nissan Frontier. Unfortunately, the driver of the Nissan Frontier was unable to avoid hitting Baker. He was pronounced dead on the spot.

Motorcycle accidents can happen due to a lot of factors. For one, negligence on the part of the driver himself like what happened to Baker when he weaved through traffic can cause a traffic mishap. Also, there are some other causes for such accidents such as bumps or holes in the road, pavement damage, oil spill, mud, snow, and others.

Accordingly, if a motorcycle accident was caused by the carelessness of another party, the victim may file for a claim for the injuries and damages sustained. General damages and special damages are considered in calculating the amount of compensation.

Moreover, general damages refer to the physical injuries sustained by a victim such as bruises, broken bones, and cuts. The same also includes physical and emotional pain and sufferings, while special damages include past and future damages such as medical expenses, medication, therapy, and loss of income or profit on business as a result of the accident, explained by a Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

California Freeway Construction Accident Deaths Continue

In only a matter of days, two accidents have happened in two different construction sites of the California Freeway.

The first accident occurred last July 22 at the 405 Freeway in Torrance. According to reports, two construction workers were killed while one sustained minor injuries after two suspected drunken drivers plowed into the area of the freeway where men were doing a repaving project. The two construction workers who died from the incident were identified as Ramon Lopez, 56, and Ricardo Zamora, 58.

On Tuesday, another accident happened, this time in the 10 Freeway in San Bernardino. At least two construction workers were injured after a minivan driven by David Sanders, 32, with his dog on the passenger seat plowed into the construction zone and slammed into the back of a Caltrans truck while the construction workers were picking up cones. The driver of the minivan and his dog were pronounced dead while the two construction workers were transported to Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center for their minor injuries sustained.

Caltrans claimed that the two construction workers that were killed from the accident cannot be added to any Caltrans memorial since those men were unfortunately not state employees.

Although it was only the second freeway construction accident for the month, if counting back on the accidents that occurred in the previous months and even years, it shows that freeway construction accidents are becoming a serious problem in the Golden State.

Incidentally, there are lots of causes of construction accidents that may occur in Freeway, and whether the victims are Caltrans workers or not, such people still deserve protection from such perilous situations. Construction workers are the most vulnerable in such freeway accidents since they were in a zone wherein they were surrounded by speeding vehicle, reminded a Los Angeles construction accident lawyer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Usher’s Stepson Dies Due to Brain Injury

After two weeks in life support, Usher’s stepson Kile Glover died early Saturday morning after the boy’s mother and Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster, decided to make a tough decision to remove his life support.

Usher’s 11-year-old stepson was declared brain dead by doctors in an Atlanta hospital after a tragic jet ski accident at Lake Lanier last July 7.

According to reports, Kile and his 15-year-old friend were playing in an inner tube while being pulled by a speed boat when a 38-year-old man in jet ski struck them. As a result of which, Kile sustained severe brain injury and was in fact unconscious as he was being taken off the water while his friend likewise sustained brain injury and a broken arm but her condition was not as severe as Kile.

Since the incident, no brain activity had been observed from Kile. Therefore, doctors were prompted to declare him as brain dead. Actually, as early as Kile’s first week in the hospital, his family was suggested to decide whether or not to take off his life support system.

Probably, it is the toughest decision that a parent, particularly a mother like Tameka, could ever do. Meanwhile, Usher and the young boy during the latter’s lifetime maintained a close relationship with each other. In fact, Usher loved the boy too much and raised him like his own during his relationship with Tameka.

Now, Usher was said to be surrounding himself with loved-ones to help him ease the emotional pain brought by Kile’s death. Although they weren’t able to save Kile’s life, at least Usher and Kile’s real family wouldn’t have regrets since they did everything they thought that could save the young boy, especially Usher who even rented a private plane for Tameka when the news broke out just to bring her on her son’s side during those difficult times.

Such circumstances are the reason why brain injury law is very significant nowadays. People are becoming aggressive and a brain injury may be unavoidable not only in car accidents but also in jet ski accidents like this one.

A Los Angeles injury attorney reminds people that even a simple accident such as a simple head bump can make a major impact on one’s life, and worst, it can lead to a tragic accident like what happened with Usher’s stepson.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twilight Fan Dies from Pedestrian Accident during Comic-Con Event

While having a busy day promoting the vampire franchise’s final film, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” The Twilight cast members, together with their fans, are likewise mourning after the tragic pedestrian accident that happened to one of its diehard fans during a Comic-Con event.

The 53-year-old fan was identified as Gisele Gagliardi, of Kingston, New York, who was known to be a diehard fan of Twilight for years and who was always present in every Twilight event.

Unfortunately, while Gagliardi was apparently on her way to preserve a place for the popular convention last Tuesday, fate had moved its way against her. Gagliardi was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street against the fast approaching traffic, according to police report.

Initial investigation revealed that Gagliardi, although crossing in a legal crosswalk, had ran a red light when she tried to run alone across Harbor Drive towards the San Diego Convention Center, where the Comic-Con event is being held. Harbor Drive is a very busy street with two lanes on both sides. Obviously, it is quite risky to cross the street while the red light is on.

According to police, Gagliardi tried to stop as she saw the Subaru Outback SUV approaching towards her, but she accidentally tripped and hit the side of the vehicle. As a result of which, Gagliardi was knocked unconscious and sustained head injury. She was then transported to a hospital but was later pronounced dead. The Simpson-Gaus Funeral Home in Kingston confirmed Gagliardi’s death.

News report said that according to police, the driver who hit Gagliardi has been cooperative with the investigation. However, the driver will not be charged over the incident since Gagliardi was at fault when she crossed the street on a red light.

Several Twilight stars and other staff members are sending their condolences to the family and friends of Gagliardi. Also, fans are offering their moment of silence for Gagliardi. In addition, the Twilight film’s producers, on behalf of Lionsgate and Summit, also released a statement about the die-hard fan’s death, saying the entire Twilight community was saddened by the death of a fan caused by a traffic accident during the moments leading up to this year’s convention in San Diego.

We all know that drivers of motor vehicles are given the responsibility of abiding by traffic laws and should drive in a safe and attentive manner at all times. However, although motorists are required to yield right of way to pedestrians on a crosswalk, in cases like Gagliardi’s, it is not lawful for pedestrians to use the crosswalk at any time they desire since there are traffic lights placed in crosswalks for pedestrians to follow, explained a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer.