Thursday, July 23, 2009

Texting Teenager Falls into a Manhole

Some people could do several tasks at one time. But the guarantee that the task is done effectively is slim because the brain cannot multitask.

In walking, you need all your senses to arrive at your destination safely. When you text and walk at the same time, the tendency is that you lose focus on one thing more that the other.

True enough, when Alexa Longueira was walking while sending a text message, she fell on an open manhole at the Victory Boulevard. She sustained injuries.

This incident could have been avoided if she had not been texting. Certainly, she had been negligent. Despite this, Alexa’s mother, Kim Longueira planned to sue.

Kim may seem to have the right to sue.

The government is responsible for making its roads, structures and buildings in safe and good conditions.

Consequently, anything that needs repair should be fixed immediately. Otherwise, it could be held responsible for any resulting harm due to its structures’ dangerous condition. If repair could not be made immediately, the condition must be known to the public by putting warning signs.

For its part, Mercedes Padilla of the Department of Environment and Protection said that its employees turned away briefly to get some cones. The manhole was opened to repair a sewer line.

Negligence could be attributable to both parties. But to determine who was ultimately negligent could be done through evidence in court. Alexa must employ a good personal injury lawyer to pursue her case and claim for compensation.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Truck left in gear injures man

Non-moving vehicles could cause the same dangers as moving vehicles. This is true at least for a 40 year old employee of Wild Animal Park.

The man was at the truck’s rear end unloading it. Apparently, the truck was left in gear causing it to roll forward. As it rolled, the man tried to get into the truck but he lost footing and fell. Consequently, his leg was run over and he was trapped underneath the truck.

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department was called to remove the man who was trapped for almost 30 minutes.

In this situation, negligence is clearly present. When you leave a vehicle, you ensure that all are secured and in their right places. Leaving a truck in its gear is a negligent act. The man can file charges against whoever was responsible for it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Santa Monica wildfire

Fire accident is a horrific tragedy which leads to catastrophic loss of lives and property. Even when an individual survives, property damage could climb up to millions.

A distinctive quality of fire is that not only its flame but also its smoke could create devastating and lasting effects especially to humans.

When a single house burns, it could create enormous fire and mountains of smoke. Imagine more than 80 acres dense brush burning for hours.

In Santa Monica, a horrifying scene is currently happening. A stubborn bush fire continues to burn in the Sepulveda Pass forcing the nearby residents to evacuate. The occupants of Getty Center and Mount St. Mary's College already evacuated the vicinity. The brush fire also caused traffic to jam on the 405 Freeway.

Authorities reported that the fire broke out in the 1200 block of Getty Center Drive. Although no injuries were reported and no structures were destroyed, the area continued to burn uncontrollably. Helicopters were already sent to dive into the hillside and drop water.

Fire happens because someone or something causes them. Oftentimes, the cause of fire is due to the negligent acts of people. If fire causes destruction or damage, the party at fault may be indicted for it.

For victims of fire accidents, a personal injury lawyer may help in gathering evidence to seek compensation.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long Beach multiple car crash

A simple car collision could result to death, injuries and property destruction. Now, imagine what could result from a multiple car collision?

Of course, injuries are more severe and impact is more destructive. Survival is slim. To those who have left the scene unharmed or with little injuries, luck may have been on their side.

In a multiple car collision that happened in Long Beach, five people sustained minor to moderate injuries while one was critically injured.

According to spokesman Jackawa Jackson, five vehicles were involved in the collision on the freeway of Paramount Boulevard. Firefighters were called on the scene to put out the fire which engulfed one of the vehicles. The driver of the blazed vehicle got out of time. A dozen of firefighters also extricated another passenger from one of the wrecked vehicles.

The California Highway Patrol was still investigating the cause of the accident.

In this incident, someone has been remised in its duty to observe utmost care in driving. For those who had been merely dragged into the accident, they can sue the one who proximately caused the accident. Employing a personal injury lawyer would help them file their claims quickly.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Famous Fashion Designer Smashes Store Window

People strolling along Girard Avenue, La Jolla was stunned when a Ford Taurus wagon smashed into a Meanley & Son Ace Hardware window.

The incident injured a 42 year old customer at the store who was hit by a table that was struck by the wagon. The victim was treated for minor injuries.

The driver of the wagon was identified as Zandra Rhodes, a famous British international fashion designer. Rhodes known for her colorful hair was not injured and left without comment.

Reports failed to disclose what caused the incident. No charges have yet been filed.

According to statistics, most crashes are caused by driver’s behavior. In this case negligence on Rhode’s part was clear. The accident may have been due to exhaustion as reports confirmed that she had been splitting Del Mar and London for business.

Knowledge on the common causes and outcome of car accidents is necessary. By knowing them, drivers would be more conscientious and proactive in avoiding a serious collision or crash.