Thursday, July 23, 2009

Texting Teenager Falls into a Manhole

Some people could do several tasks at one time. But the guarantee that the task is done effectively is slim because the brain cannot multitask.

In walking, you need all your senses to arrive at your destination safely. When you text and walk at the same time, the tendency is that you lose focus on one thing more that the other.

True enough, when Alexa Longueira was walking while sending a text message, she fell on an open manhole at the Victory Boulevard. She sustained injuries.

This incident could have been avoided if she had not been texting. Certainly, she had been negligent. Despite this, Alexa’s mother, Kim Longueira planned to sue.

Kim may seem to have the right to sue.

The government is responsible for making its roads, structures and buildings in safe and good conditions.

Consequently, anything that needs repair should be fixed immediately. Otherwise, it could be held responsible for any resulting harm due to its structures’ dangerous condition. If repair could not be made immediately, the condition must be known to the public by putting warning signs.

For its part, Mercedes Padilla of the Department of Environment and Protection said that its employees turned away briefly to get some cones. The manhole was opened to repair a sewer line.

Negligence could be attributable to both parties. But to determine who was ultimately negligent could be done through evidence in court. Alexa must employ a good personal injury lawyer to pursue her case and claim for compensation.