Tuesday, January 8, 2013

“Real Housewife of Orange County” Star Injured in a Holiday Ski Accident

The only woman to have been profiled throughout the seven seasons of the hit television show, ”Real Housewife of Orange County,” Vicki Gunvalson, reportedly spent the rest of her holidays with a whiplash injury.

According to media sources, the actress was on a ski run in Park City in Utah when a snow boarder accidentally cut her off and caused her to fall facedown the mountain of snow, punching her neck throughout the process.

Subsequently, Gunvalson still managed to get back up and finish the course. Nevertheless, as a safety precaution, ski patrol called an ambulance to transport her to the hospital while in a giant neck brace and stretcher.

Shortly thereafter, upon her hospital arrival, doctors determined that Gunvalson had a bad case of whiplash. Further reports claimed that Gunvalson is currently recovering and will only need a follow up check up with an OC doctor soon.

Apparently, Gunvalson was not blaming anyone for the incident and seemed to be considering the same as pure accident. Nevertheless, it is not yet sure whether the actress has any plan of bringing up a personal injury case or negligence claim following the incident.

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