Friday, June 26, 2009

Train accident leaves man severely injured

A man being hit by a car is common. A man purposely going in front of a train is unlikely but possible especially when drunk.

In Fresno, a train hit a man who walked in front of it. Due to the impact, the man suffered severe injuries to his lower extremities and was in critical condition.

According to witnesses, the man got off his bike near Belmont Avenue and Diana Street and proceeded in front of the train.

Alcohol intoxication alters the functioning of the brain. It affects how an individual thinks. The Fresno man might have been severely intoxicated that he had become oblivious to the dangers of walking near a train much more in front of it.

Luckily or unluckily, the man survived. Authorities had not made any statements on filing charges, if any, against the man or the train company.

If a wrongful conduct had been committed, either party could hire a train accident attorney to pursue a case against the negligent one.

Jury acquits police officer in a road rage case

The case of Frank White had been the topic of several blogs. From the time of the accident up to the time the jury faced lengthy deliberations on their verdict then now to his acquittal.

The case arose when Frank White shot at Rachel Silva and her son during a road rage accident occurred last year. In the witness stand, White and his wife testified that they feared for their lives when Silva tailgated their car and about to ram them.

During the trial, White was on unpaid leave. Now that he has been acquitted, White’s next move was to talk to his chief hoping to get back in active duty.

The jury acquitted White based on the evidence including White’s testimony. The fact that Silva did not take the witness stand might have affected the case.

“Ours is a rule of law and not of men. “ Whether a person accused of something is guilty or not must be proven by rules of evidence. The fact that White was acquitted showed that the jury believed him to be just defending himself from danger that Silva created.

White’s acquittal only showed that not all defendants in road rage accidents or negligent cases are convicted. An expert personal injury lawyer could make a significant difference. If White would not have been represented by a good lawyer, the outcome might have been different.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Biker for a cause dies of hit and run

Oftentimes, people take their sentiments on the streets to make the government hear them. For a 65 year old Jim Gafney, cross county biking was the way to protest government bailouts.

Gafney was a seasoned biker. As he became fed up of the bailouts, he decided to bike across the country to draw attention to his cause. He already accomplished about 2,000 miles of his 3,000 bike ride.

While biking in U.S. Route 50, Gafney was struck by a suspected drunk driver who hurriedly left the scene. The culprit was later arrested after police officers stopped him for speeding and found the damage to his car.

Sergeant Chris Trame described the road way in the accident scene as “pretty isolated” and “not well lit”.

Sadly, Gafney could no longer complete his journey he called the “Mad As Hell Bike Ride Across U.S.” But for his loved ones the battle is just beginning against the drunk driver who killed him.

Bikers has been the constant victim of hit and run accidents. When accident happens in a poorly lighted road, the chance of being left unaided is higher.

Moreover, bike accidents are prevalent on areas without sufficient bike paths. Clearly, providing more paths or ways is one way of preventing similar accidents.

For the surviving families, personal injury laws could be used as basis for making the negligent driver liable. An aid from a bike accident attorney would make the process easier.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Children Victims of increasing cases of falling furniture

Appliances and furniture are helpful in making our lives comfortable and convenient. However, the utility they provide entails harm especially to children.

For instance, flat screen TVs have not only revolutionize how we watch our favorite shows but it also contributed to the increasing number of injuries to children.
Statistics revealed that in 2007 alone, 17,000 children were rushed to emergency hospitals after they were injured due to falling furniture including TVs.

Moreover, according to a study published at Clinical Pediatrics, 47% of children injuries were caused by falling furniture. Children 6 years old and below are the common victims.

In 2005, Representative Allyson Schwartz D-PA saw the need to address the problem. She passed a bill requiring the Consumer Product Safety Commission to create stricter standards for furniture with glass surface or have a higher danger of tripping over. But the bill died twice when it was reintroduced in 2007.

With no law to protect consumers, experts suggest to observe the following when owning furniture specifically flat screen TVs:

1. Avoid placing toys and other attractive figures on top of them
2. Flat panel TVs must be secured on stable grounds to prevent them from toppling over
3. Follow instructions on how to properly secure furniture
4. In case of doubt, let professionals do the installation

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Driver Kills Man in Hit and Run

Hit and run accident is killing thousands of Americans every year. It happens when a driver leaves the scene after being involved in an accident.

Leaving the scene of the accident involves various repercussions. It could result to death of the victim, agony of the victim’s family and imprisonment of the party at fault if caught.

However, hundreds of drivers choose to hit and run than to accept responsibility.

Just like the incident that happened in San Diego, wherein a pedestrian was killed. The accident occurred on Meade Avenue at 32nd Street in Normal Heights. The 40 year old victim died due to head injuries.

In California, a driver involved in an accident must stop the vehicle and fulfill certain requirements. Otherwise, he could be punished by a fine or imprisonment or both.

Despite efforts to minimize it, hit and run accident has dramatically increased in years. It has leaped to prominence with a number of disturbing incidents such as the above. Every accident has become part of an alarming trend, a trend which has to stop.

For victims of hit and run accidents, employing the services of a personal injury lawyer could help them and their grieving family.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Los Angeles to build new bike lanes and pathways

If motorists have at least two lanes where to maneuver their vehicles, bikers have bike lanes, paths and trails.

However, the lanes and paths located in Los Angeles were not enough to accommodate the growing number of bikers or cyclists. A 134 mile of bike paths and 321 miles of bike lanes stretched through the city seemed insufficient to cater the needs of the biking public.

Consequently, bikers or cyclists are forced to share the streets with car and even larger vehicles at their disadvantage.

To address this dilemma, Los Angeles officials gave cyclists a chance to take part in finding the solution. Cyclists were given until June 12 to review and offer suggestions on how the proposed new bike lanes would pass through the city.

City officials distributed proposed maps laying down the locations where these lanes and pathways would be built specifically on the streets in the Westside, in the Valley, South L.A. and downtown.

Bikers are exposed to many dangers. In case of collision, bikers sustain the more serious injuries. Bikers are also in danger of attacks from vicious animals. Hence, there must be a place for them to safely and leisurely ride their bikes.

In case of bicycle accidents, personal injury lawyers may help the victims find all sources of compensation they deserve. Los Angeles is a home to several experienced bike accident attorneys whom they can count on in case of need.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Traffic deaths increase on Memorial Day Weekend

Holidays make people go out to unwind or travel. Consequently, roads become busier. Busy roads coupled with impatient drivers often spark arguments or lead to accidents.

True enough, during the Memorial Day weekend, traffic deaths reached to thirty one across California including 10 in Los Angeles County. About 1,300 were arrested for drunk driving excluding those made by the city police departments.

California Highway Patrol Jose Nunez said that the statistics were up compared in 2008.

Accidents still occurred despite officers patrolling roadways during the Maximum Enforcement Period (MEP) or the three-day holiday. CHP’s MEP was a part of California’s 2009 Memorial Day Next Generation Click It or Ticket mobilization.

Memorial Day and all holidays for that matter could become a safe celebration for everyone. Spoiling it with accidents should be the least of your concern.

If you end up in a hospital instead of the place you want to go, you have the right to sue the careless party who was responsible for your pain and agony.

A personal injury case may be filed against the party at fault. A motor vehicle accident lawyer may be employed to pursue your claim effectively against the defendant.