Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Biker for a cause dies of hit and run

Oftentimes, people take their sentiments on the streets to make the government hear them. For a 65 year old Jim Gafney, cross county biking was the way to protest government bailouts.

Gafney was a seasoned biker. As he became fed up of the bailouts, he decided to bike across the country to draw attention to his cause. He already accomplished about 2,000 miles of his 3,000 bike ride.

While biking in U.S. Route 50, Gafney was struck by a suspected drunk driver who hurriedly left the scene. The culprit was later arrested after police officers stopped him for speeding and found the damage to his car.

Sergeant Chris Trame described the road way in the accident scene as “pretty isolated” and “not well lit”.

Sadly, Gafney could no longer complete his journey he called the “Mad As Hell Bike Ride Across U.S.” But for his loved ones the battle is just beginning against the drunk driver who killed him.

Bikers has been the constant victim of hit and run accidents. When accident happens in a poorly lighted road, the chance of being left unaided is higher.

Moreover, bike accidents are prevalent on areas without sufficient bike paths. Clearly, providing more paths or ways is one way of preventing similar accidents.

For the surviving families, personal injury laws could be used as basis for making the negligent driver liable. An aid from a bike accident attorney would make the process easier.