Friday, June 26, 2009

Jury acquits police officer in a road rage case

The case of Frank White had been the topic of several blogs. From the time of the accident up to the time the jury faced lengthy deliberations on their verdict then now to his acquittal.

The case arose when Frank White shot at Rachel Silva and her son during a road rage accident occurred last year. In the witness stand, White and his wife testified that they feared for their lives when Silva tailgated their car and about to ram them.

During the trial, White was on unpaid leave. Now that he has been acquitted, White’s next move was to talk to his chief hoping to get back in active duty.

The jury acquitted White based on the evidence including White’s testimony. The fact that Silva did not take the witness stand might have affected the case.

“Ours is a rule of law and not of men. “ Whether a person accused of something is guilty or not must be proven by rules of evidence. The fact that White was acquitted showed that the jury believed him to be just defending himself from danger that Silva created.

White’s acquittal only showed that not all defendants in road rage accidents or negligent cases are convicted. An expert personal injury lawyer could make a significant difference. If White would not have been represented by a good lawyer, the outcome might have been different.