Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Traffic deaths increase on Memorial Day Weekend

Holidays make people go out to unwind or travel. Consequently, roads become busier. Busy roads coupled with impatient drivers often spark arguments or lead to accidents.

True enough, during the Memorial Day weekend, traffic deaths reached to thirty one across California including 10 in Los Angeles County. About 1,300 were arrested for drunk driving excluding those made by the city police departments.

California Highway Patrol Jose Nunez said that the statistics were up compared in 2008.

Accidents still occurred despite officers patrolling roadways during the Maximum Enforcement Period (MEP) or the three-day holiday. CHP’s MEP was a part of California’s 2009 Memorial Day Next Generation Click It or Ticket mobilization.

Memorial Day and all holidays for that matter could become a safe celebration for everyone. Spoiling it with accidents should be the least of your concern.

If you end up in a hospital instead of the place you want to go, you have the right to sue the careless party who was responsible for your pain and agony.

A personal injury case may be filed against the party at fault. A motor vehicle accident lawyer may be employed to pursue your claim effectively against the defendant.