Friday, December 17, 2010

Unlicensed Teen Falls Asleep, Crashes Big Rig

The driver’s inexperience and ignorance of traffic laws will surely get him in trouble and so responsible motorists would never allow an unlicensed person to drive a vehicle for whatever reason.

However, this is not the case in a recent big rig accident involving a sleepy, unlicensed teen.

A 16-year-old driving without a license reportedly fell asleep while on an eastbound big rig. The rig flipped and crashed a few feet from a mobile home park. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and there were no reported damages to any of the mobile homes nearby.

According to authorities, a 20-year-old man who was supposed to be driving the big rig allowed the teen to drive as he took a nap while travelling along the 210 Freeway before 4 am. The big rig was hauling some 36,000 pounds of whipped cream and sour cream.

Apparently, the teen was also sleepy and so he made an unsafe turn that result to the rollover crash. Aside from the man and the unlicensed teen, there were also two occupants of the big rig aged 3 and 13.

Rescuers searched for the children initially thought to be trapped inside the big rig but they were eventually found safe and hiding in nearby bushes.

The unidentified designated driver of the big rig should have never allowed the teen to drive especially during a time when fatigue and lack of sleep will affect his good judgment and the bulk of the vehicle will make maneuvering harder.

If he really is sleepy, then, the driver should have just pulled over and taken a nap or a break rather than endanger the lives of the occupants by letting the unlicensed teen drive.

It may not be the first time for the teen to drive illegally but it shouldn’t be encouraged by adults around him because it will certainly result to traffic violations and, possibly, serious vehicle accidents.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bicyclist Injured In Front of Rio Hondo College in Whittier

A bicycle accident in front of Rio Hondo College in Whittier injured one person this week.

According to reports, the collision happened shortly after 8 o’clock in the morning along Workman Mill Road.

The driver, in an act of kindness, brought the injured bicyclist to Beverly hospital where he was treated.

Although the CHP is still investigating the collision, it is highly likely that it will be ruled as an accident and no criminal charges will be filed.

Now the question is: what if this kind-hearted driver offers to settle the case with the victim? Should he accept?
Well, the answer is no.

Although the driver is to be commended for transporting the bicyclist to the hospital, it should be known that it is actually his duty under the law.

California law does not specifically say bring victim to a hospital, the law does state that motorists involved in a road traffic accident should provide reasonable assistance to those who are injured and that includes arranging transport to a hospital.

Now, back to why the bicyclist should not accept the settlement.

The truth is the bicyclist does not know yet the extent of the injuries he sustained, the damage to his bike, and its overall effect on his life.

He might accept the settlement then regret it later on once he realizes that the amount he got is not enough to cover the expenses caused by the injuries he sustained from the injuries.

My advice is that he should consult a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer for guidance and he should not worry too much about the kind-hearted driver.

This is exactly what car accident insurance is for.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Driver Cited After Hitting Broadway Teen Bicyclist

Drivers need to be cautious when driving near residential or public areas as they should anticipate teens and children on their bicycles playing or going to school.
Unfortunately, a man, whose identity was not released, recently became one of those drivers who failed to recognize these dangers as he hit a 16-year-old riding his bike in Irvine Avenue.

According to reports, the boy was biking at Broadway when he was hit and injured by a Jeep Wrangler near the Eastside neighborhood. He was taken to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian with bumps and abrasions but he did not appear to have any serious injuries.

The driver was cited and released after cooperating with authorities and answered questions about the bicycle accident.

It wasn’t clear whether the Wrangler’s driver was speeding but residents of the neighborhood had been complaining about speeding motorists along Broadway as they endanger kids who are either walking or biking to school.

In fact, the federal government has given $1 million to the city’s transportation department so that traffic-calming measures will be added to Broadway. The city is currently designing the project that will narrow down Broadway so that drivers would have to slow down. The road project is expected to be finished in 2012.

Fortunately, the teen only sustained the injuries he had as it could have been a lot worse if the driver was going at a high speed and run the boy over.

Nonetheless, he should compensate the losses incurred by the teen by paying for the hospitalization and medication as well as other expenses that resulted from this accident.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Suspected Drunken Driver Crashes into Ambulance, Injures Four Paramedics

Ambulances are used to transport people who need immediate medical attention to the hospital. People who drive this vehicle needed to use lights and sirens in order for other road users to be aware of their presence.

A suspected drunken driver who failed to see an ambulance or hear its siren crashed into it, causing at least four paramedics to sustain injuries.

According to reports, the accident occurred in Huntington Beach on Friday afternoon. The ambulance was turning onto Bolsa Chica Street as it was on its way out of a neighborhood along Tasman Drive when it was suddenly hit by a Toyota pickup.

Authorities said two Orange County Fire Authority paramedics and two Huntington Beach Fire Department ambulance drivers sustained minor injuries and were rushed to the hospital to be treated.

Meanwhile, the patient was fortunately spared from injuries and was brought to a hospital using a different ambulance.

However, the pickup driver Tristan Johnson, 36, from Bellflower was uninjured in the crash. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI, said reports.

It is fortunate that no one was seriously or fatally injured in the accident. In order to avoid accidents caused by drunk driving, drivers are advised to follow these tips:

• Avoid drinking at parties or other social gatherings, especially if you are going to drive afterwards
• Know your limit
• If you need to drink at an event, ask your friend or relative to drive your vehicle
• If you are already drunk and no one is there to drive your vehicle, you can take a cab in order to get home

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nestle Recalls Raisinets Due to Absence of Peanut Warning

Food manufacturing companies are required to produce or make foods that are safe to it. In addition, they should warn the public regarding foods or their certain ingredients which can cause harm to the consumers once consumed.

Nestle announced that it will conduct a voluntary recall on some “Raisinets Fun Size” bags which did not declare certain peanut contents. This move has been done to save people from possible sicknesses or deaths after eating the product

Reports said the company issued a statement informing consumers that it has called for a voluntary recall out of caution. This recall will affect 10-ounce bags of Raisinets that has “a production code of 02015748/UPC number 2800010255.”

According to the statement, people who are severely sensitive to peanuts or are allergic to it are in danger of life-threatening or serious allergic reaction once they eat the product.

The Raisinets that will be affected by were only distributed in the United States. To be more specific, the product was sold at Don Quixote, Shop Rite, and Target retail stores.

Nestle announced that it already received three complaints about the product. Fortunately, no other product was affected.

People with peanut allergies who have bought the affected product should discard it and call Nestle to ask for a refund.

Manufacturers have a big responsibility on their hands because people may die if they failed to do their duties properly. Like in this case, Nestle’s simple mistake could have caused a fatal accident if the consumer is deadly allergic to peanuts. Good thing the company took immediate action in order to prevent injuries or deaths caused by the product.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teen Crashes into House, Injures Toddler and Grandfather

An 18-month-old infant and his grandfather were in critical condition after a teen driver who appeared to be drunk made an unsafe turn in a residential neighborhood and hit them.

Authorities reported that the 17-year-old driver, whose identity is yet to be released, apparently sped off after spotting an officer on a motorcycle responding to a disturbance call.

The officer then made a U-turn and started tailing the SUV driven by the teen before he veered into Lake Boulevard where he struck a sign, injured pedestrians along the sidewalk, and crashed into the house.

Reports show that the man was walking his grandson on a stroller when they were hit by the speeding SUV. Rescuers were able to transport the 18-month-old boy and his 50-year-old grandfather to the hospital where they were treated for serious injuries.

The intoxicated driver was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run and felony DUI as he tried to drive away from the scene. The three passengers of the SUV fled on foot but authorities were able to apprehend two of them.

The teen’s intoxication, his attempt to elude a police officer, and the unsafe turn he made while speeding can all be blamed for the accident. Teen drivers may feel invincible when they are behind the wheel. Nevertheless, they should keep in mind that their vulnerability to accidents is heightened by their inexperience and dangerous experiments while driving.

Hopefully, the man and his grandson will have a quick recovery and they won’t have to suffer from any permanent damages caused by a single person’s disregard for safety.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Water Pollution: How the BP Oil Spill Affected the Nation

All life on earth is very dependent on water. Water is significant in every person’s everyday practices and activities such as personal hygiene, eating and cooking. For fishes and corals, different bodies of water also serve as their natural habitat. And in turn, these fresh fishes feed the mouths of many people. But as we have long probably noticed, the world is undergoing crises in water, and it is getting worse by the minute.

Pollution has been the most rampant problem in water. Some of the more prominent water pollutants include dirty sewage water being gushed down to other bodies of water, people dumping garbage on the shore, the discarding of industrial and radioactive waste by industrial facilities or factories, and the accidental leakage from underwater storages. However, lately it seems that oil leaks and spills have also become notorious not only in the US but in other countries as well.

One such incident of oil spill was the recent accident in the Gulf of Mexico that started off with what was known as the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion. In April 20, 2010, a drilling rig owned by offshore contractor Transocean and under lease to oil and gas company BP located at the southeast of Louisiana coast exploded and got burned down, causing the death of some employees and a massive offshore oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The leaking lasted for almost three months. After releasing about 185 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the disaster became known as the largest accidental marine oil spill and environmental disaster in the history of petroleum industry. The government of the United States, as well as the concerned parties, did all they can to stop the leaking and disperse the oil, but it was too late as it had already affected the lives of many.

The weakening tourism of some states prompted tourism development councils to launch marketing campaigns for their beaches that were not affected by the spill to attract tourists. Along with this, businesses had to offer discounts and other deals for visitors. But more than tourism, it was marine life that suffered the most.

Commercial and recreational fishing areas of federal waters had to be closed down for the time being because the oil had reached it or to avoid cases of poisoning due to intake of affected fishes. Other species of marine animals like the endangered Kemp's Ridley turtle, Hawksbill Turtle, gulls, egrets, and blue herons became at risk, some of them eventually dying. Of course, who can forget the images of brown pelicans heavily covered by the crude, making them look chocolate-covered. The photos made it to the headlines and served as an eye-opener regarding the gravity of this oil spill.

According to Federal investigators, BP or at least one of the companies involved in the accident will likely face criminal charges because of what happened. More than the $75 million civil liability cap may have to be paid.

While the explosion may have been considered as merely an accident, it could have been prevented or acted upon as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Hopefully, other companies, not just those in the industry of petroleum, and ordinary citizens like us learned a thing or two about the importance of water from this tragedy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roseville Pays Quadriplegic Record $6.4 Million due to Broken Bus Wheelchair Lift

Public transportation vehicles are covered under California’s Common Carrier Law and it requires drivers and companies who are in the business of transporting people to exercise a higher level of care compared to regular drivers.

Contrary to belief, though, this higher level duty of care does not start once the passenger is on board the vehicle but even before the passenger enters and boards the vehicle.

The city of Roseville learned that lesson the hard way as they had to agree to a record settlement of $6.4 million after a quadriplegic man sustained brain injuries after falling from a bus wheelchair lift.

According to the lawsuit filed against the city, Thomas Avery was boarding a bus, which was being operated by the city, through a wheelchair lift when it collapsed underneath him.

Avery fell and hit his head due to the accident.
It turned out that the wheelchair lift either has missing or loose bolts and Avery was the unlucky person to experience its collapse.

Avery suffered brain injury that resulted in short term memory loss and lost sense of taste and smell.

So because of some missing and loose bolts, the city had to pay $6.4 million.

Well they really do not have anything to hold against Avery to discredit his claim.
Under the common carrier law, the higher level duty of care starts when the driver accepts that a person will be his passenger and he is required to provide a safe access where passengers can enter and exit.

And the report says that they failed in fulfilling that duty.
So for public transportation companies, remember that you have to keep a passenger safe even before they boarded the vehicle and until you have brought them to their destination and left them in a safe location.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Suspected Drunken Driver Arrested after Causing Three-Vehicle Crash

Negligent acts such as drunk driving and failure to stop at a red light are easy to avoid, if only drivers would think of the safety and welfare of all road users. Complying with traffic rules can significantly lessen the risks of an accident without requiring much effort on their part. However, the problem lies in their attitude and willingness to keep the roads safer.

A male driver suspected to be under the influence of alcohol has been arrested after he failed to stop at a red light and caused a three-car crash in Mission Viejo.

Reports said the accident occurred at the intersection of Avery and Marguerite Parkway.

According to witnesses, the driver Colin Newman, 22, was exiting the 5 freeway along Avery Parkway in a red Volkswagen Jetta when he smashed into a Honda Element after failing to stop at a red light. The vehicle then crashed into a Chevy Cobalt.

Authorities said one occupant of the Cobalt suffered from pain. Meanwhile, at least three occupants of the Element were trapped inside the vehicle. Firefighters needed to use heavy machinery just to cut through the vehicle and rescue them.

The three occupants were then brought to a hospital to receive treatment for unknown injuries.

Newman was required to undergo a sobriety test. Afterwards, he was arrested on the suspicion of DUI.

It turned out that the driver is listed as a member of the U.S. Marine. A man who was supposed to protect the people in this country failed to follow simple traffic rules.

Newman’s arrest may greatly affect his position in the Marines, but some people may not sympathize with him because he was the one who caused his misfortunes. Reports said he is now being held on a $100,000 bail.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Car Passenger Dies in Two-Vehicle Collision in Stevinson

Reports said Prusack was rushed to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto to be treated for his injuries.

The big rig driver Eulalio Bernard, 61, from Ceres, was traveling northbound along Highway 165 when he suddenly crashed into the Honda’s passenger side. He left the accident area uninjured.

This fatal collision would have been avoided if Prusack stopped at the red light. When he saw the yellow light, he should have reduced his speed because the red one will appear next.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Madera County Deputy Injured in Collision, Fiery Crash

Law enforcers’ often put their lives at risk while they are doing their job duties. In fact, a Madera County deputy was recently hurt while responding to an emergency call when he got involved in collision that ended in a fiery crash.

Reports said Deputy Homar Puga, 25, from Madera, was involved in an accident that occurred along Road 222, near Bass Lake.

Puga’s Ford Cruiser was moving behind a Chevrolet Cobalt that was being driven by Cameron Ron Taylor, 22, from Oakhurst. Taylor was turning left onto Dorstan Drive when the two vehicles suddenly collided.

Authorities said the deputy’s patrol car swerved in a northwest direction before it crashed into a tree and exploded. The explosion reportedly ignited a grass fire, which was fortunately put out by responding firefighters.

According to reports, a number of people helped the deputy. He suffered from major injuries as a result of the crash.

The Chevrolet driver was able to escape from injuries while his passenger Melisa Skallerud, 27, from Oakhurst, sustained minor injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the accident.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Drunken Teen Driver Arrested after Madera Hit-and-Run Accident

Today, more and more teen drivers are getting involved in accidents, perhaps because of their inexperience and aggressiveness. In fact, a 16-year-old male driver, from Madera, has been recently arrested for drunk driving and hit-and-run after his car struck another vehicle in Madera County.

Reports stated that the victim Juan Ramirez, 58, from Madera, was moving north along Road 29 when his vehicle was struck by a 1995 Toyota Avalon that was moving eastbound on Avenue 14.

Ramirez sustained major injuries in the crash and was transported to a local hospital to be treated. His condition remains unknown. Meanwhile, his three passengers reportedly suffered minor injuries.

The teen driver and his 16-year-old passenger were spared from injures. Reports said the teen fled after the crash, but was fortunately captured at his house.

Hopefully, Ramirez will be able to recover from his injuries so that he can take the legal action against the teen driver.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Driver Dies in Vacaville Crash, Five Others Injured

A recent car accident in Vacaville has killed a driver and injured his five young passengers when their vehicle hit a walnut tree near Pleasants Valley Road.

Reports show that the driver of the Volkswagen Jetta died after the vehicle veered off Vaca Valley Road and hit a tree. Authorities say that the occupants of the vehicle weren’t wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident which resulted to the fatality and injuries of the passengers.

The front seat passenger reportedly sustained serious injuries while the other four seating at the back were also injured after they were ejected from the vehicle.

Authorities are yet to conclude whether alcohol or drugs could have caused the accident. Nonetheless, the driver should have made sure that he and his passengers were wearing their seatbelts as the injuries could have been lessened.

Seatbelts should never be under estimated as they secure vehicle occupants in their seats and prevents them from hitting their heads onto the dashboard or the roof in case the vehicle overturns.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mother and Daughter Killed after Colliding with Big Rig

Drivers should be careful when traveling, especially when there are children inside the vehicle.

A 46-year-old mother and her 13-yeard old daughter, both from Fresno, died after the Toyota sedan they were riding in crashed into a big rig in Central Fresno.

Reports stated that Youa Yang died in the accident. Meanwhile, her daughter Linda Xiong was brought to Community Regional Medical Center, where she was announced dead after almost two hours.

The car driver was also rushed to the hospital. The person’s condition remains unknown.

According to reports, the three were traveling southbound on Golden State Boulevard before it turned left into Olive Avenue and smashed into a northbound Producers Dairy big rig.

Police said the big rig driver fortunately escaped from injuries.

In this case, the driver may be held liable for Yang and Xiong’s death if it was determined that he or she performed a negligent driving action, which resulted in the accident.

Head-on Collision of two Harley Davidson Injures two Motorcyclists

A motorcycle accident in San Diego has resulted in two people being sent to the hospital for major injuries.

According to police, the head-on collision between two Harley Davidson motorcycles happened at about 6:20 pm Friday night.

Reports said that the first motorcycle, which was being driven by a 21-year-old male, was going at a very high speed when it lost control and slid into the path of the second motorcycle, which was being driven by a 25-year-old male.

The first motorcyclist sustained severe injuries including a collapsed lung and lacerated liver.

The second motorcyclist, on the other hand, suffered serious leg and foot injuries.
The second motorcyclist should be able to file a personal injury claim against the first motorcyclist to collect compensation for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

However since the first motorcyclist’s life is clearly in danger, the question will be, what would happen to the claim if he dies?

Although any possible criminal charges will no longer be applicable, it will not affect the personal injury claim.

Besides, the claim will be handled by the insurance company and not by the defendant anyway.

However, once the claim is approved, the second motorcyclist can only collect up to the limit of the car accident insurance policy of the first motorcyclist.

He will have to shoulder the other expenses if the coverage of the policy is insufficient.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Injured Man Tries to Flee DUI Accident Scene

A man who appeared to be extremely intoxicated was recently arrested after he got involved in a single vehicle rollover crash recently near Highway 29.

Reports show that 34-year-old Robert Harvey of Pinole tried to climb an embankment before rescuers arrived at the scene despite the fact that he incurred moderate injuries from the crash. He was later brought to Queen of the Valley Medical Center for treatments.

Harvey was released but is expected to appear in court.

Intoxication can really cloud or impair one’s good judgment. Instead of having himself checked, Harvey tried to escape the scene though he was hurt. After having a couple of drinks, it is always best to just take a cab or have someone sober drive you home to prevent accidents like this that can also lead to fatalities and massive property damages.

Friday, July 9, 2010

4,200 Bags of Spinach with E. coli to be recalled

E. coli can cause a person to suffer from dehydration, bloody diarrhea, and even kidney failure.

In order to prevent this situation from happening, Ready Pac Foods Inc. will recall around 4,200 bags of spinach salad that contain this deadly germ.

This step was taken after U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigators became aware of its presence during a random sample test. Around 702 cases of salad mix, each containing six bags, will be included in the product recall.

A spokesman for the Irwindale-based company said there are no reports involving people who became ill due to the Spinach Temptation line of six-ounce bagged salads that were contaminated by E. coli.

Reports said the recall will affect products sold in Washington, Arizona, and California that have a product code I1707B, IR127121 and a July 4 use-by date. In addition, it will also affect products that have a code I2007B, IR130373 and a July 8 use-by date.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4 People Injured in 4th of July Fireworks Mishap in San Marcos

Four people sustained minor injuries during the 4th of July fireworks celebration at Bradley Park in San Marcos last Sunday.

The incident occurred at about 9:15 pm when one of the fireworks misfired and caused a table to tumble, which lead to other fireworks going off and firing on different directions.

One person was brought to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, while the three others were treated on the scene.

The show was immediately stopped and the crowd was dispersed as firefighters and paramedics took control of the situation.

The city contracted Pyro Spectaculars by Souza to put on the fireworks show.
It is fortunate that it did not turn out worse than it did or the city and Pyro Spectaculars could be facing embarrassing personal injury lawsuits right now.

If I were the three other injured people from the fireworks accident, I would have gone with the paramedics to the hospital.

Although, it does not look like there is something wrong, it is better to be sure and have a doctor look at the injuries.

And if the injury is worse than they appear, seeking treatment after the accidents will help bolster your personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Friday, June 25, 2010

2 Children Struck by Car in Front of School

Under the law, drivers are required to reduce speed and be cautious while driving near schools in order to avoid hitting children.

A 50-year-old female driver, from Santa Cruz, may have neglected her duties when she hit an 8-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy in front of Discovery Bay Elementary School in unincorporated Discovery Bay.

According to reports, the girl was walking while her brother was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk along Willow Lake Road east of Riverlake Road when the hit and run accident occurred.

Police said the driver suddenly veered to the right, went over the sidewalk, and sideswiped the boy, which knocked him off the bicycle. The vehicle then hit the girl, said reports.

The boy only suffered from minor abrasions, but his sister needed to be airlifted to UC Davis Medical Center. Although her injuries did not seem to be life-threatening, she was still rushed to the hospital as a precaution.

Investigation is still ongoing, but is does not appear that drugs and alcohol were involved in the accident.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chatsworth Woman Killed in Northridge Multi-Vehicle Accident

A 61-year-old woman from Chatsworth was killed in a fiery multi-vehicle accident in Northridge yesterday.

According to reports, Lois Graver was stopped on the turn lane in Devonshire Street waiting for a green light, when her Infiniti SUV was rear ended by a speeding Mercedes sedan.

The collision sent the SUV into the intersection of Reseda Boulevard where it burst into flames.

Unfortunately, the firefighters were unable to rescue Graver from the wreck and she was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Mercedes, meanwhile, rolled over after losing control and clipping a Ford Focus in the intersection.

The driver of the Mercedes, who was identified as 32-year-old Armine Yegiazaran, sustained moderate injuries.

The driver of the Ford Focus and a pedestrian (who was hit by debris) sustained minor injuries in the crash.

The two of them and Grave’s family should be able to file a personal injury and a wrongful death claim, respectively, against Yegiazaran.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Man Dies in Motorcycle Accident in Cajon last Weekend

The identity of the man who died in a motorcycle accident in El Cajon the other day was identified by the County Medical Examiner’s Office as 38-year-old Nathaniel Joseph Camacho of El Cajon.

According to reports, Camacho was driving a Honda CBR motorcycle on the eastbound lane of Greenfield Drive when he collided with a Toyota Camry that was making a U-turn at about 8:50pm last Sunday.

Camacho was pronounced dead a few hours after being taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital.

No other injuries were reported and the crash is still under investigation.
The family of Camacho should consult a motorcycle accident attorney to see if they can file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the Toyota Camry.

Even if Camacho had some fault in the accident, his family may still be able to collect from the insurance company as long as they can prove that the Camry driver was also negligent behind the wheel.

However, even if the claim of the family is approved by the insurance company, the amount will still be reduced depending on the level of fault that the insurance adjusters find out about the investigation.

This is the concept of comparative negligence that is being recognized by the state of California.

And you can expect the insurance company to fully investigate the case to find causes to reduce the payment that they are going to give.

That is why the family of Camacho should always have their car accident attorney with them whenever they communicate with the insurance company.

This is to ensure that they are not being taken advantaged of and that they will get a fair amount from the claim.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Motorcyclist Crashes, Dies during Competition

A motorcyclist who entered a competition at the Sonoma’s Infineon Raceway ended up dead after he crashed into two motorcycles.

Reports stated that Augustine Alves, 51, from Hanford, sustained fatal injuries while he was participating in the West Coast Motor Jam, which is a three-day event watched by around 2,500 people.

According to an Infineon spokesman, the motorcyclist was about to finish making the second turn of the opening lap in the event’s 500 Support race when he suddenly crashed into two other motorcycles that were moving along the dirt track.

The two motorcyclists survived the incident when they crashed into the hay bales, which greatly helped in breaking their fall. However, Alves who was struck by their motorcycles, suffered serious injuries.

Alves was rushed to a hospital, where he was announced dead after some time.

Speeding is likely the reason why Alves was killed in the incident. Driving in excessive speed may have prevented him from immediately seeing possible dangers and avoiding the two motorcyclists.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Suspected Hit-and-Run Driver Arrested after Injuring Two Pedestrians

Hit-and-run accidents often involve drivers who are not courageous enough to face the consequences of their actions. What these people fail to realize is that running away from the accident scene will only worsen their offense and punishment.

A suspected hit-and-run driver was arrested by authorities after he allegedly struck and injured two female pedestrians who were crossing the street near downtown Los Angeles and fled the scene.

According to reports, a SUV driven by Mynor Antonio Rodriguez, 44, from Los Angeles, struck the pedestrians along West 3rd Street at Boylston Street.

Police said one of the victims sustained a fractured leg while the other one suffered from a broken kneecap.

The driver reportedly admitted his guilt and claimed that he took off due to concerns regarding his immigration status.

Rodriguez was booked on the suspicion of felony hit-and-run and is being held on a $50,000 bail.

Reports said he can spend about five years in jail if proven guilty of the offense.

Authorities are still looking for possible witnesses.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

$5000 Reward Offered for Hit and Run Accident Information

Weeks after 21-year old Jonathan Michael Ulmer was killed in a hit and run accident, his family is now offering a $5,000 reward for help that can lead to the identification and arrest of the driver.

Ulmer was on his way home from a house party when the accident occurred. According to friends, although he was drinking beer, he was not drunk. He was left lying on the road after being struck on state Route 94 and witnesses claimed that the dark sedan which hit him stopped for a moment before driving off.

Authorities have scoured for information to determine the identity of the hit and run driver and even reviewed tapes from two nearby business but with little success. The Ulmer family is hoping the $5,000 reward will help locate the sedan which killed Jonathan which is said to have front-end damage.

Pedestrian deaths account for 12 percent of all motor vehicle crash fatalities. While pedestrian accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, accidents usually happen either due to the fault of the pedestrian or the driver.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by pedestrians that lead to accidents:

• Ignoring traffic rules and signals – A lot of pedestrians disregard crosswalk signs and would prefer to “jaywalk” and ignore as traffic control signals such as “walk” and “don’t walk”. This leads to collisions that could have been avoided if the pedestrian obeyed traffic rules.
• Distracted pedestrians – There have been several instances when a pedestrian gets struck or hit by a car because instead of looking both ways before crossing, his eyes are firmly fixed on his cell phone.
• Intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol – Walking on the road while drunk is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Once a person is impaired by these substances, it can cause impaired balance, poor coordination, and lower a person’s alertness and good judgment.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s statistics, as much as 53 percent of pedestrians aged 16 and older killed in nighttime (9pm - 6am) crashes in 2008 were legally drunk.

Clearly, drunk pedestrians are just as much of a danger to themselves as drunk drivers. But unfortunately, in situations where they get injured in a car crash, they will have to shoulder the burden of all their expenses because there is no one else left to blame for their troubles but themselves.

Woman Dies in Collision Involving LAPD Patrol Vehicle

Authorities are expected to obey the law because they are the ones who are required to implement it. One of the primary duties that they have is to ensure the safety of everyone.

It is unfortunate that two Los Angeles police officers may have done the exact opposite when they got themselves involved in a recent fatal car accident in Sylmar.

A woman died after her vehicle was hit by the two officers’ patrol car along Dyer Street and Glenoaks Boulevard.

According to reports, the woman later identified as Jovanna Lugo, 26-27 years old, from Sylmar, was just pulling out of her driveway when her vehicle was suddenly hit by the patrol car.

Authorities said the two officers were conducting a “routine” patrol when the incident occurred.

Lugo was announced dead at the accident area while the two offers only sustained minor injuries.

It can be disappointing to know that the people who should protect Lugo were the ones who may have been responsible for her death. Hopefully, authorities will be more careful while on the roads, regardless if they are on or off duty.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SF Muni Streetcar Starts Chain Accident, Injures 15 People

Well, here’s another blow to San Francisco’s Muni, one of their streetcars may have triggered a chain accident that injured 15 people yesterday morning.

The crash occurred in Market and Second Streets at about 4:40pm when an F-Market streetcar struck a 10-Townsend bus and launched it to another vehicle.

Ten people were treated on the scene for minor injuries while the other 5 were sent to nearby hospitals for non life threatening injuries.

The 15 injured people can file a personal injury lawsuit against Muni and the city.

Muni streetcars and buses are considered common carriers so even without negligence, they can still be held liable for the damages sustained by the victims.

Since they are common carriers, they are required by state law to exercise a higher level of care to ensure the safety of their passengers.

That responsibility starts once the passenger boards the vehicle until they exit the vehicle in a safe location.

In this case, it looks like they failed to keep that duty.

The injured parties can collect damages for economic damages like medical expenses and lost income, and for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rollover Crash Kills Wrong-Way Driver

A motorist’s good driving skills can help avoid injuries he may sustain from vehicular accidents, However, his own negligence could also lead him to his fateful demise.

A 25-year-old woman from Newcastle identified as Sandra Hauser was recently killed in a rollover accident shortly after correcting her wrong-way driving east of Highway 193.

Hauser was said to have just made a U-turn after driving her westbound vehicle along the eastbound lanes of interstate 80. She was said to be correctly heading east when she lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road.

Her blue 1990 Acura Integra then hit a rock embankment at around 2:30 am before it rolled over. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities are not yet sure whether Hauser was intoxicated at the time of the accident as she was dangerously going the wrong way shortly before the crash. It is also possible that she may have fallen asleep or was distracted as she corrected her direction before losing control over her vehicle.

Her death is unfortunate but her mistakes should be a lesson to other motorists so that fatalities in these accidents can be lessened.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 Men and a 3-Year-old Girl Dies in Riverside Fatal Head-on Collision

Three people, including a 3-year-old girl, died in a fatal car accident in Riverside the other night.

According to CHP, 30-year-old Donald Graves of Hemet was driving a Chevy Malibu on the eastbound lane of Florida Avenue just ahead of Highway 74 with his 3-year-old daughter Dakota when the car drifted into the westbound lane and collided with a Honda Accord.

Graves and the Accord driver, Andrew Huizar, 20, of Apple Valley died at the scene while Dakota was pronounced dead in Hemet Valley Medical Center after sustaining major injuries.

The California Highway Patrol is still unsure of what caused the head-on collision but is looking into a possible dangerous turning maneuver by Graves.

Since it is still not sure who the liable party in the accident is, the families of both parties can file a wrongful death claim against each other.

California is a comparative negligence state so even if the victim is partially at fault for the accident, they can still collect damages.

However, the amount to be awarded will also be reduced by their level of liability.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Motorcyclist Dies in Crash

Compared to other vehicles, motorcycles are smaller and offer less protection to riders than four-wheeled vehicles. Inexperienced riders often get injured in accidents caused by their lack of protection and stability in motorcycles.

Though this is the case, many still choose motorcycles, rather than cars or automobiles, as their means of transportation because it gives them the power to navigate through traffic as motorcycles occupy lesser space than four-wheeled vehicles.

However, in a recent motorcycle accident, a 66-year-old man from Kingsburg failed to control his vehicle and drift onto the pathway of an oncoming Ford Taurus along Trimmer Springs Road.

James Reese was riding his 2009 Harley-Davidson when the accident happened. Reese was thrown from the motorcycle and died as he was being treated at a hospital.

The 54-year-old driver of the Ford, however, was not injured. Authorities ruled out alcohol as a factor in this accident and so it is likely that Reese really just lost control of his Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycle riders should be aware that each time they ride their bikes, they are at a much higher danger as compared to riding other vehicles and so they ought to be more careful.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Drunken Hit-and-Run Driver Arrested after Fatal Crash

An accident is potentially a hit and run if the driver at-fault flees the accident area, without being recognized or identified by witnesses. A drunk driver who tried to accomplish this fortunately failed when he was arrested by the authorities hours following a deadly crash.

Reports stated that a drunk driver who was identified as Wilder Amaya, 30, from Marina, and his 28-year-old male passenger, from Seaside, were traveling along West Blanco Road in a 2003 Toyota Tacoma when the accident occurred.

Amaya reportedly slid away from the north roadway edge and suddenly hit a power pole. The Tacoma hit a solar-powered speed limit gun, which caused it to stop.

The driver then fled the area, leaving his injured passenger who was announced dead at the accident area.

After six hours, authorities were able to arrest Amaya near the scene of the fatal crash.

He was booked in Monterey County Jail due to the suspicion of felony DUI, felony hit-and-run, and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long Beach Authorities in Search of Fatal Hit-and-Run Driver

Hit and run drivers are increasing in number, leaving mostly the victims and their loved ones unable to acquire the justice they deserve.

Recovering damages in a fatal hit-and-run accident is difficult especially when the unidentified driver refuses to take responsibility for his negligent actions. This problem is now being faced by the loved ones of Samira Chalala, 54, from Cypress.

According to reports, Chalala died when she was hit by a 1998 Nissan Frontier while trying to cross 27th Street along Pasadena Avenue in Long Beach.

There was no designated crosswalk in the accident area, said reports.

The victim was brought to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center where she was announced dead due to her injuries.

Hopefully, someone will emerge as a witness and identify the driver so that he will be finally forced to face the outcome of his wrong actions. If ever it was proven that his negligence resulted to the fatal accident, he may face different punishments including license cancellation, jail time, and paying of fines.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Driver Dies in Lakeside Rollover Accident

“How Stuff Works” stated that a rollover accident is the deadliest risk that minivan, truck, and SUV occupants can face while on the roads. True enough, another man recently died after his SUV overturned in Lakeside.

According to reports, a 1994 Jeep Cherokee that was being driven by a 49-year-old man from Valley Center went off the road onto a soft shoulder.

When the driver saw that the SUV was moving towards a call box, he suddenly overreacted and flipped the vehicle, said police.

The SUV landed on its wheels near the four-lane road’s median. Although the driver was wearing his seatbelt, he still died when the vehicle’s roof collapsed.

Reports said he sustained massive head injuries.

Authorities closed at least one northbound state Route 67 lane for numerous hours to give way for the investigation.

The man’s identity was withheld by the authorities and will be only released after his family has been notified.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Woman with DUI History Convicted of Murder after Crash

“Don’t drink and drive” is a simple and popular saying meant to advice drivers regarding the dangers of driving a vehicle while a person is impaired by the effects of a substance that he has taken.

A 21-year-old woman who has a history of DUI conviction was recently found guilty of murder after she drove a vehicle while drunk and got involved in high-speed accident that killed April Whang.

Brittany Schuetz was convicted by an Orange County Superior Court jury after records revealed that her blood alcohol content at the time of the accident was five times higher than the imposed legal limit.

According to the case’s prosecutors, the driver was on probation because of a drunk driving conviction in 2007. However, she still consumed a number of alcoholic beverages while at a party before driving off.

Reports show that the woman ran a red light while moving at a speed of 90 mph when she crashed into the victim’s vehicle.

Schuetz faces a maximum sentence in jail that can last from 15 years to life.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Police Still Investigating Hit-and-Run Accident that Killed 6-Year-Old Kid Last November

Menlo Park police closed down a portion of Highway 84 to recreate the hit-and-run accident that killed 6-year-old Lisa Xavier last November.

Lisa was aboard a car with her parents on Highway 84, or Bayfront Expressway, when an alleged street racer slammed their vehicle.

The alleged street racer left the scene of the accident.

No arrests were made but the police are still looking for a “person of interest” in the case identified as Shannon Fox, 24.

It’s not known when the reconstruction will end but all motorists driving into Menlo Park on the Dumbarton Bridge are being diverted onto University Avenue.

Hopefully the police can get a breakthrough in the case and find the culprit who was responsible for this tragedy.

It is bad enough that the suspect was engaged in street racing but it is even worse that he was not man enough to face the consequences of his actions.

According to the law, a person who engages in street racing is automatically committing reckless driving and the act is aggravated if any person died or got injured as a result of the act.

Aside from a wrongful death lawsuit, the hit-and-run driver can also be criminally liable.

He (or she) can be charged with homicide and even murder.

Not to mention that he left the scene of the accident. That would certainly factor in the penalties and punishment he will receive.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bicyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

It is not clear yet who had the right of way in the accident that killed a bicyclist in Compton Monday afternoon.

However, one thing is for sure, the driver of the van that hit him is in a big legal trouble.
According to reports, the hit-and-run accident occurred near Compton Avenue and Dwight Avenue at about 1:23pm

The bicyclist was going north on Dwight when he was struck by a 1990 vintage grey Ford Aerostar van that was going east on Compton.

The bicyclist was pronounced dead on the scene and the van was nowhere in sight.
Now the police are searching for the van and the driver.

Under the law, we are required to stop after a vehicle accident.

We are required to exchange information and we are required to provide reasonable assistance to those who are hurt.

Who knows, the bicyclist could have been saved if only he stopped and made arrangements for the victim to be treated immediately.

Now, civil liabilities are the least of his problem.

He may be charged with homicide for the death of the bicyclist and could spend some time in jail.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Court of Appeals Upholds Catsouras’ Claim for Damages Against CHP

Long after 18-year-old Nikki Catsouras was killed in a car accident in 2006; her family continues to be haunted by her death.

The California Highway Patrol officers who responded to the accident callously took pictures of the teenager’s mangled remains, pictures which later on spread online to more than a hundred sites and viciously circulated via e-mail all throughout town.

Nikki’s were posted in Myspace account where cruel comments claimed she deserved her gruesome death. Pictures of her, some with her nearly decapitated head featured also made its way to sadistic blogs devoted to pornography and death.

Incensed, the family filed a civil lawsuit against the CHP for negligence, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional harm.

Their case was dismissed by Orange County Superior Court Judge Steven L. Perk. The judge ruled that the agency and its employees had no legal duty to protect the privacy of the surviving Catsouras family.

However, their appeal after almost 2 years was granted by a California appeals court. The court found that the CHP officers violated the family's right to privacy and is guilty of causing emotional distress to the Catsouras family.

The Catsouras family is pursuing damages worth $20 million against the CHP.

Under the law, damages are usually paid to compensate the claimant for loss, injury, or harm suffered because of another party’s breach of duty or negligence.

A claim for damages can also be made under the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (IIED) tort. While emotional distress is hard to quantify, the victim’s pain and suffering because of a defendant’s reckless or intentional act can be the basis of damages.

There are usually four elements to an IIED claim:
• The defendant acted intentionally or recklessly
• Such conduct was extreme and outrageous
• The said act is the cause of the distress
• Plaintiff suffers severe emotional distress as a result of said conduct
A civil litigation attorney or a personal injury attorney would know best how to handle and represent such claims.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Possible Sleeping Woman Causes Fatal Crash

A woman whom authorities believed to have dozed off while driving was killed after she swerved onto the path of an oncoming truck carrying propane canister near Brannan Island Road.

Witnesses say that the unidentified woman was going 55 mph on her Honda Civic along Highway 160 when she suddenly drifted across the road and over-corrected by swerving onto the path of the truck.

The Civic was wrecked and the driver of the truck had to be taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Rumble strips are installed in roads so that drivers who fall asleep will be awakened. Fatigue and sleepiness are serious threats to one’s safe driving. It is important to always be alert on roads so as to avoid vehicle accidents.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Man Arrested after Fatal Crash Involving 11-year-old Driver

It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to prohibit children from operating a vehicle because they are not yet skilled and qualified to do so.

A 34-year-old man who may have permitted an 11-year-old boy to drive a vehicle now faces possible jail time because his actions allegedly resulted to a vehicle accident that ended the lives of three people.

Authorities arrested Froylan Zamora Gonzales after he was released from Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno where he received treatment for injuries he sustained in the Jan. 11 fatal accident.

The man was booked on the suspicion of two counts of child endangerment and three counts of vehicular manslaughter.

According to reports, Jose Silva Covarrubias, 11, was driving a 1993 Honda and was unable to stop at a stop sign. A car that was being driven by Charles Seguin, 44, from Porterville, then broadsided the vehicle.

Jose, his 30-year-old mother Maria Silva Covarrubias, and six-year-old sister Elizabeth Silva Covarrubias all died in the incident. Meanwhile, Gonzales sustained major injuries.

A family’s relative previously claimed that Gonzales may have been giving the boy driving lessons because it is the only reason why the boy was operating the vehicle.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Woman Loses her Unborn Child in Car Accident

Nothing hurts a mother more than to endure almost nine months of pregnancy, only to lose her baby even before he or she was born.

That is probably what the woman from this news item is feeling right now after the vehicle accident that killed her unborn child.

According to reports, the eight month pregnant woman was a passenger in a car that made an “unsafe left turn” then collided with a lunch truck and another vehicle at the intersection of West Washington Boulevard and South Western Avenue in Harvard Heights.

The woman sustained injuries and was brought to a hospital where her child was declared dead.

In this case, the woman can file a personal injury claim for her own injuries and a wrongful death claim for her unborn child.

Under the law, a passenger cannot be held liable for a car accident unless he or she distracted the driver.

Not only can she collect for the expenses brought by her injuries and the death of her child, she can also collect for the monetary equivalent of the pain, grief and suffering she endured because of the events that happened.

The monetary compensation will not replace her child but it’s an amount that she deserves for what she lost.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Driver Arrested for Death of Bicyclist

In Los Gatos, 28-year-old bicyclist Joshua West has just taken his 7-year old daughter to school and was on his way to his physical therapy class for his back pain when he was struck and killed by an out-of-control Chevrolet Blazer.

According to police, the SUV jumped onto the pedestrian curb where West was hit and struck a steel pedestrian barricade past the intersection of Garden Hill Drive before it rolled over after it hit a traffic signal pole.

Witnesses told the police that the driver, Kevin Derr of San Jose, appeared to be driving at least 50 mph and trying to beat slow-moving traffic on Lark Avenue. The speed limit is 30 mph.

Sgt. Kerry Harris said West was pronounced dead at the scene despite the attempts of witnesses to revive him. The police also noted that there were no skid marks at the scene which indicated that Derr did not try to stop or hit his brakes.

Derr was injured in the rollover crash accident and was taken to the Valley Medical Center. He was later arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter.

Bicycle collision fatalities account for about 2 percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths – in 2008, there was a total of 714 bicyclists killed. Nearly 91 percent of all bicyclists killed were reportedly not wearing helmets.

Roads are meant to be shared by all drivers, riders and pedestrians but road safety goes flying out the window when either one of these parties become impatient and start to violate traffic rules and regulations.

Failure to yield is one of the most common road violations committed which often leads to collisions but in West’s case, Derr’s blatant disregard of the traffic laws (re: posted speed limit) was the proximate cause of the accident.

Rules and traffic signs and signals are meant to be obeyed at all times as these have been installed to protect the people from hurting each other and themselves.

Derr’s gross negligence in observing traffic rules and irresponsible driving does not only merit criminal charges – West’s family can rightfully file a civil case of wrongful death against him and recover monetary damages.

A wrongful death claim usually arises when a person is killed as a result of negligence or improper conduct and may be filed by the surviving spouse, children, beneficiaries or dependents of the victim.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Santa Ana Train Accident Injures One Person

A train accident occurred in Santa Ana when a Ford pickup truck failed to cross the tracks before the Amtrak passenger train arrived.

According to reports, the collision decoupled at least 2 train cars.

Fortunately, the train was not derailed and the passengers were not injured.

The truck driver was brought to a hospital but is expected to survive his injuries.

Obviously the truck driver has liability over the accident.

Trains always have the right of way in crossings because unlike other vehicles, trains cannot make abrupt changes, or make sudden stops to avoid a collision.

But does the railroad have liability as well?

It depends.

The duties of a railroad company include informing other motorists of their approach to the crossing.

Did they blow their horns to announce that the train is incoming?

They also have a duty to keep crossings reasonably safe for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Were there safety and warning signs, railroad gate and/or safety fences to prevent collisions?

The answers to those questions would indicate the level of liability of the railroad company.

Train accident laws can also be complicated as it may involve federal and state laws.
It is best to consult a train accident attorney for advice.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Madera Man Killed after Surviving Accident

A 32-year-old man who exited his vehicle after it spun out of control in Coyote Valley in the middle of a heavy rainstorm died after jumping out of the way of an oncoming vehicle.

Abundio Prudente reportedly got out of their vehicle with another occupant when they noticed an approaching vehicle that was spinning out-of-control and dove to opposite directions. He ended up falling some 30 feet onto Coyote Creek Trail.

Rescuers had a hard time securing Prudente because of the heavy rains and lack of daylight to guide them. Prudente died at the hospital after less than an hour of being rescued.

In the initial vehicle accident on Highway 101 that Prudente got involved in, no one was reportedly injured. But in the second one, he probably did not notice the dive that he was about to take after jumping out of the path of an oncoming vehicle that was probably spinning out of control because of the slippery road.

In weather conditions like this, motorists should maintain their speed limit as they should expect a rain-drenched road that may be too slippery.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Man Pulls Gun on Undercover Cops, Leads Police in a Car Chase along Hollywood

The scene could have been funny if it weren’t for real.

A man apparently pulled a gun on undercover officers and even had the gall to ask them what they’re looking at.

The exchange resulted to an 18 minute car chase along the streets of Hollywood that ended in a collision with another car in an intersection in Korea town.

If the driver just knew how stupid the stunt he just pulled, I am pretty sure he would not have done it.

Guns are not for everyone and a guy who gets infuriated by a mere exchange of looks is very susceptible to road rage as well.

If the men on the car were not cops and handled the situation in a different manner, it could have ended in a violently.

You could just imagine this guy getting into an argument over traffic and pulling a gun to end it.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt in this fiasco.

The owner of the car that stopped the chase would probably file property damages claim against the gun toting driver.

The police, on their part, have already booked the driver on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer.

Chula Vista Mobile Home in Flames

At least one person was injured in a fire accident near E Street recently that engulfed a mobile home in Chula Vista. He was treated for smoke inhalation.

The recent accident in mobile-home Park on Broadway could have injured other residents had the firefighters not responded immediately.

If a person will be proven to be responsible for a fire accident because of his negligence in his property, he may have to shoulder all the expenses that resulted from the fire which includes hospitalization of the victims and replacement of damaged property.

To avoid claims for premise liability, owners must be careful in maintaining the good condition of their property.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Woman Dies from Drowning After Fall Accident

A Huntington Beach woman died from a “freak” accident when she slipped and fell while crossing a creek. She and her boyfriend was said to be staying near Telluride, Colorado for snow boarding when the accident happened.

MaryScott King’s snowboard guide tried to keep water off her face when her helmet got stuck between two rocks trapping her below the surface. King was no longer breathing and had no pulse when rescuers responded.

King and her boyfriend, Carlo Nafarrete, both loved extreme sports and so they were always taking risks each time they engaged in it, but, caution should never be disregarded as danger can strike when a person is most vulnerable.

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone at any given time especially if they are walking on a slippery surface.

Friday, January 15, 2010

NTSB about to Release Findings on Chatsworth Train Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board is close to releasing the results of its investigation on the Chatsworth train accident that claimed the lives of 25 people in 2008.

The NTSB will convene a board meeting to address the final report about the now infamous collision.

The full report will also be posted on their website.

The agency will also be releasing a summary of probable causes and safety recommendations.

Many expect that the agency’s findings will be similar to what investigators believe to be the cause of the train accident.

Investigators believe that the Metrolink Engineer have been text messaging seconds before running a red light and crashing into the freight train.

Metrolink has taken several measures to address the problem of having negligent engineers, including the placement of video cameras in strategic locations of the train.

However, even with these cameras, at least four red light violations have been reported last year.

Hopefully the report will contain sound safety recommendations that will eliminate or at least cut down on the incidence of engineer negligence.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two persons Injured in Truck and BMW Collision in Aromas

Authorities are investigating the cause of a truck accident that injured two people in Riverside Drive in Aromas yesterday.

The driver of the BMW that collided with the delivery truck sustained serious injuries.

It took about 40 minutes to extract the other driver as his truck flipped on its side due to the collision.

Both drivers were brought to a hospital.

It is not clear who is the liable party in this incident but both parties should inform their respective car accident insurance provider.

Most car accident insurance policies have a time limit on up to when they can be informed of the accident.

If that time lapses, they may have cause to deny any further claims.

Both drivers should also avail the services of a car accident attorney to guide them on their available legal options and to help them negotiate with insurance companies.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

San Mateo Driver Arrested for Suspicion of DUI

A San Mateo bus driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after she rear-ended a Toyota Avlalon in Burlingame last week.

Sharon Tebo-Davis admitted to the police that she had taken some prescription medication before driving the bus.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the bus accident.

Police reported that Tebo-Davis was arrested after the Avalon driver called 911 because she appeared confused and could not provide basic information about the crash.

A spokeswoman from SamTrans said that Tebo Davis is employed through MV transportation.

The spokeswoman declined to comment on what type of disciplinary measure will be given to Tebo-Davis.

If any of the passengers got injured, they can sue the bus company.

When the liable party are common carriers like taxi, train or in this case, a bus, it is much simpler to prove the liability compared to other vehicular accidents.

As common carriers or companies in the business of transporting people, they are required by law to practice a higher level of care when driving.

Instead of proving negligence, the injured party only needs to prove that the bus driver did not meet the standard of care required of him to prove his and the bus company’s liability.

Driving while under the influence of drugs, even legally obtained from a doctor, falls short of that standard.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Homeless Man Struck and Killed by Mini-Van

Crosswalks are made so that pedestrians can cross the streets safely. If they do not use these designated areas, they are in danger of being hit by moving or crossing vehicles.

This is exactly what happened to a 58-year-old homeless man who died after he was struck by a mini-van in Laguna Beach.

According to authorities, Charles Reginald Conwell, 58, was struck by the van driven by a 45-year-old woman, from Mission Viejo, while he was crossing the street outside of a designated crosswalk along the 1700 block of Laguna Canyon Road.

Authorities believed that the man was not using the marked crosswalk area when he was hit.

Conwell was brought to Mission Hospital Laguna Beach where he died later in the day. Meanwhile, no occupant of the mini-van was harmed in the incident.

Authorities are still investigating the accident.

Although drivers are required to be cautious of pedestrians, vehicle accidents may still happen if the latter failed to use the designated crosswalks. Pedestrians can easily sustain severe or fatal injuries when they are hit by vehicles because their bodies are vulnerable to injuries caused by the massive impact and force of moving vehicles.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Orange County Man Killed in Rollover Accident

The susceptibility of a vehicle to rollover has been continuously talked about due to the danger it brings to all road users. According to statistics, around 280 rollover accidents that cause 10,000 fatal injuries happen in the United States annually.

Another man recently died after the Toyota Camry he was driving was involved in a rollover accident.

Authorities said Alen Nazarian, 37, from Orange County was traveling on the freeway south of the border patrol checkpoint when he lost control of the vehicle for unknown reasons.

The Camry then rolled numerous times before coming to a stop along the right shoulder.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police suspect that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash.

Driving cautiously is one of the main ways to avoid being involved in fatal accidents. In addition, drivers should carefully choose which vehicle type they will buy because records show that some vehicle types are more prone to rollovers.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Injured in Train Collision

A train accident in Orange County has seriously injured two occupants of a vehicle which crossed the tracks in Anaheim.

Witnesses say that the vehicle was driving on the street next to the tracks when it drove onto the crossing gates.

Firefighters had to extricate the passenger in the badly damaged vehicle that was pushed to a power pole because of the impact.

These train accidents can be prevented with cautiousness and following of traffic lights that would dictate on who has the right of way.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Octuplet Doctor Faces Accusation of Negligence

Doctors are expected to provide their patients with the best care possible. If they failed to do so, disastrous results can materialize like in the case of a woman who was pregnant with octuplets.

According to the California Medical Board, the actions of Beverly Hills fertility doctor Michael Kamrava went beyond the logical judgment of a treating physician after he continually provided fertility treatment to a woman.

The state licensing body is now accusing the doctor of violating imposed personal guidelines and negligence.

Nadya Suleman earlier named Kamrava as her doctor. Documents show that his patient conceived octuplets.

She gave birth the previous year.

No hearing date has been currently set concerning the case.

Being accused of negligence is not something doctors can easily ignore because their credibility might be ruined even if the accusation is not yet proven. To avoid being involved in such situation, doctors should carefully study the case of all their patients before treating them.