Friday, January 15, 2010

NTSB about to Release Findings on Chatsworth Train Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board is close to releasing the results of its investigation on the Chatsworth train accident that claimed the lives of 25 people in 2008.

The NTSB will convene a board meeting to address the final report about the now infamous collision.

The full report will also be posted on their website.

The agency will also be releasing a summary of probable causes and safety recommendations.

Many expect that the agency’s findings will be similar to what investigators believe to be the cause of the train accident.

Investigators believe that the Metrolink Engineer have been text messaging seconds before running a red light and crashing into the freight train.

Metrolink has taken several measures to address the problem of having negligent engineers, including the placement of video cameras in strategic locations of the train.

However, even with these cameras, at least four red light violations have been reported last year.

Hopefully the report will contain sound safety recommendations that will eliminate or at least cut down on the incidence of engineer negligence.