Friday, April 15, 2011

Air Bags are meant to Secure Not to Injure

Complemented by seat belts, air bags were designed to protect drivers from serious injuries during vehicle accidents. If sudden impact arose, air bags should automatically deploy and protect the driver from being thrown forward.

However, some people do not know that air bags may cause also injuries if it fails to operate properly. There were instances reported that defective air bags deploy too soon or even released though it was not needed. With this, the driver may lose control of the vehicle and be involved in an injury or fatal accident.

There were also incidents that these air bags did not operate at all after an impact.

Just this Thursday, April 14, Ford has declared its decision to recall their popular F-150 pickup truck after some injuries were reported due to the defective air bags that may have been installed on this vehicle model.

Air bags should be placed on vehicles to secure drivers not to increase the possibility of sustaining serious injuries or fatalities. Thus, car manufacturers must have a thorough check on this safety feature before launching it to the market. It is their supreme liability to ensure the security of their buyers.

For those who may have problems regarding their vehicle’s air bags, you have the right to raise your complaints and have this safety feature repaired before you got involve in an accident.

As for those who already sustained injuries due to air bag defects, note all the details of the accident and file your case. Be sure to consult a product liability lawyer to have better chances of obtaining suitable damages against the car manufacturer.