Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alcohol and Over speeding – A Lethal Mix

Car Accident is one of the leading cause of death nowadays. Statistics show that at least four people involved in a car accident die every hour. In Los Angeles alone, there is an approximate of a thousand fatalities in its roadways.

News posted on June 13, 2008 entitled “Speeding, alcohol suspected in Crash” relates a Solana Beach big – wave surfer who was hospitalized after a car accident that also killed his passengers.

As reported by the Sheriffs who handled the case, the surfer was driving a Dillahunty’s Toyota Avalon in excess of 65 mph in a 25 mph zone when he lost control of the car in a residential area.

Authorities later found out that alcohol was a factor in the crash because the driver was reeking of alcohol when they pulled him out. Once completed, the blood test results will confirm what the police had long surmised as the cause of the accident.

With the considerable number of cases that I read, alcohol and over speeding are some of the common causes of car accidents. People in the entertainment business, who live glitzy lifestyles are often involved in similar incidents in the past with popular names such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie – to name a few.

There are specific provisions under California laws, which penalize driving while under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and most of these provide higher penalties than other violations.

Then why is it that DUI-related accidents continue? Is there a problem with the law?

I think none. Perhaps, the problem lies in the implementation of the law. As I observed in some states, they relax the application of the law for a select few but for certain considerations. Otherwise, the problem lies in the observance and obedience to these laws.

Car accidents not only endanger the life of the person on the wheels but especially pedestrians who are often at risk and could end up as unwilling victims.

Therefore, there is a need for authorities to implement the law seriously for everybody’s safety.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Steps to consider in your claim for Medical Malpractice

According to recent studies, medical malpractice is considered as the fifth caused of death in the United States. Therefore, we have to do something about it. It is necessary that you should know what to do when involved in such kind of issue.

The following guidelines will help you, when faced by a medical malpractice issue;

  • Be aware of your states statutes of limitation.

    It is important to note that once you or any member of your family has suffered an injury due to medical malpractice you can file an action or a medical malpractice claim in court against the party at-fault.

    At the onset, you need to know your states law on statute of limitation. The law on statute of limitation will determine the period when you can file your claim for medical malpractice.

    Some states allow victims at least one year from the date of injury or the date personal injury was discovered to file a lawsuit – other allow two to three years.

    The law on statute of limitations varies from state to state, therefore you need to consult the service of a personal injury lawyer the soonest time possible.

    Otherwise, your rights to enforce such claim will be barred, meaning you cannot file an action regarding the same subject matter in court.

  • Get a copy of your medical record.

    You should get a copy of your medical records. This will serve as one of your evidence to be presented in order to substantiate your claim against the party at-fault.

    One of the causes why a claim of the victim is not fully satisfied is that they fail to present evidence like medical records that would prove in court the degree of injury they have suffered.

  • Consult a personal injury attorney.

    Time is of the essence in a claim for medical malpractice. That is why it is necessary to consult a personal injury attorney immediately. Only an attorney expert in the field of medical malpractice can help you establish your claim against the party at – fault.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Best Choice in Bus Accidents

Due to the ever increasing congestion in the streets and highways of California, commuters are using rapid transit and public transportation more and more each year. Consequently, the number of injuries and deaths resulting from bus accidents is also on the rise.

A manifestation of this occurrence is a recent bus accident that had happened at Yosemite National Park. No one was killed but several passengers were injured.

Learning that passengers only sustained minor injuries and no one died should not be a reason to rejoice. The fact that some people got hurt should already be a sufficient cause to be alarmed about.

Victims of bus accidents just like other vehicular accidents have the right to sue for the injuries sustained. For better results, claims may be channeled through bus accident law firms, which obviously cater to this kind of incident.

As a part of a law firm myself, I know that claims are better handled by law firms. Clients are assured that ample and proper attention is given to their cases.

One time, I had a scheduled hearing but due to home emergencies I let my firm mates filled in for me. This may not be possible if the case is handled by just a single person. As he/she cannot be at different places at the same time, chances are the schedule of the hearing would be reset or worse the case would be dismissed. This would mean a major set back to the case.

At the end of the day, what we what is the best for us. I tell you engaging the services of a law firm is the best choice for you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Personal Injury Law implications

Personal injury law is a broad legal concept that has complex areas of coverage. As generally understood, personal injury law covers cases of accidents whether from car, truck, motorcycle or train accidents, slip and falls, premise liability, animal attack, construction liability and other injury that may result from consuming a product and exposure to toxic chemicals.

Personal injury law has a great implication to us humans.

At any point in our lives and considering the varied activity that we engaged in, we can be potentially involved in injury situations. While driving a car and traversing the road, or while walking in the park, while shopping, and while working, it is not marvel that accidents and injuries are an inevitable part of life.

Take some of the personal injury real cases I collected:

“One dead after 3-vehicle accident on Loop 820” that happened June 11, 2008 in Dallas, where a three-vehicle accident on southbound Loop 820 near White Settlement that has left one person dead.

“Victim of hit-and-run to rely on ventilator to breathe”, that happened last May 30, 2008 in Hartford Connecticut, where the victim, Torres suffered paralysis from the neck down when he was struck by one of two cars that crossed the center line.

All these were real factual situations that can potentially hit anyone of us despite proper provisions of safety are waged. These events can have been avoided if others had not acted carelessly.

When you or any of your loved one was involved or was a victim or was injured due to carelessness and recklessness of another, you can wage a compensation claims against the negligent actor. If you decide to take steps toward protecting your legal rights after an accident or injury, you can confer with a qualified Personal Injury Attorney in your area to help you build a successful claim.