Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rapper 50 Cent Injured from Vehicle Accident 3 Days after Soulja Boy’s Road Mishap

Three days after rapper Soulja Boy was reportedly involved in a minor car crash, another rapper was again engaged in a road mishap that left him hospitalized.

Early Tuesday morning, Curtis James Jackson III or more popularly known as 50 Cent, was involved in a vehicle accident where he incurred minor injuries.

According to 50 Cent’s spokesperson, the rapper was transported to New York Hospital Queens for treatment of the minor injuries he sustained in his neck and back from the early morning crash.

Reports said that the incident occurred after a Mack Truck traveling along the Long Island Expressway rear-ended the rapper’s bullet-proof SUV. Initial findings revealed that when the truck driver’s load shifted, the latter lost control of his vehicle and caused it to struck 50 Cent’s car, which subsequently almost flipped over due to the heavy impact brought by the accident.

Although the injuries sustained by 50 Cent were minor, as precautionary measure, he was still taken to the hospital but was immediately released. 

His spokesperson further said that 50 Cent is now doing fine. However, reports said that the doctors are currently conducting tests on the rapper’s neck and back.

Fortunately, despite the two consecutive life threatening situations that 50 Cent had over the past few weeks, he is still lucky enough to avoid surgery in his first accident and severe personal injury in the second one. Moreover, he seems overly blessed now that his fifth album entitled “Murder by Numbers” will be released by the first week of July.

It is not yet clear who is at fault in the incident, but authorities are currently determining who will be held liable for the said vehicle accident.

Vehicle accidents always come unpredictable. Even when you strictly observe proper care and caution in your every actions and dealings, an accident could still happen due to another person’s negligence, according to a car accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LA Dodgers’ James Loney Sued Over a Los Angeles Car Accident

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ star, James Loney, is now being sued for a car accident that got him hospitalized way back in November last year. 

The lawsuit was filed by Mid-Century Insurance Company, claiming that Loney caused the car accident that occurred last November in Los Angeles.

Loney was involved in a car accident last November 14, wherein he was arrested while being treated at a hospital. 

According to the initial reports released by authorities regarding the said incident, Loney seems to be under the influence of intoxicating substance during the accident. Allegedly, he swerved into a Toyota car and then rear-ended a Mercedes and a Mini, causing a car pileup.

During Loney’s arrest, police said that the baseball player was acting so strange that he even got to the point of breaking the breathalyzer tool that was being used by police officers conducting his alcohol test. In fact, Loney didn’t even know the actual date of the accident when he was asked by police.

Police said that Loney’s toxicology test surprisingly came back negative. The case was subsequently transferred to the LA County Attorney’s Office.

Probably, the authorities, as well as the insurance company, already found sufficient proof of Loney’s negligent driving for them to file necessary legal action. Consequently a lawsuit seeking for $30,506.79 worth of damages was filed against Loney.

Most often, car accidents occur as a result of other people’s negligent behaviors or misconduct, just like in Loney’s case when he created a road mishap as a result of him driving under the influence. Fortunately for him, many personal injury lawyers are willing to support Loney in his case.

In U.S. when it comes to personal injury claims, car related catastrophes are among the most common reasons why people resort to filing a claim. According to information gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a person will be more likely to become a victim during a car accident when negligent drivers are within striking distance.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paul “the Punisher” Williams’ Car Accident, another Tragedy for Boxing Industry after Johnny Tapia’s Death

Just a day after Johnny Tapia’s death, another tragedy has befallen the boxing industry. Paul “the Punisher” Williams was reportedly involved in a devastating motorcycle accident.

According to reports, the former WBO welterweight champion Williams was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident on May 28 at Marietta, Georgia, just northwest of Atlanta.

Marietta police initially revealed that Williams was traveling in his modified sport motorcycle at a high rate of speed for conditioning when he struck an embankment. However, succeeding reports said that according to William’s manager, George Peterson, the boxer tried to avoid a possible collision with another vehicle but he ended up getting thrown out from his big bike.

Witnesses said that Williams landed on his back and head upon being thrown from his motorcycle and he was said to be currently unable to move his lower limbs.

Last Wednesday, Williams underwent a surgery to protect the upper half of his spine. Nevertheless, it is more likely that that boxer will be paralyzed from his waist down with the  severe injuries he sustained from the accident.

Supposedly, the 30-year-old boxer was scheduled to fight Saul Alvarez on September 15, but the event has been cancelled due to the said incident.

At present, it is not yet certain whether Williams could fight again. In an interview, Williams’ manager said that he and his team are not yet thinking about that matter. For the time being, their main focus remains on the medical procedures that the boxer is going through, and they are hoping that Williams could get back on his feet soon after.

Williams was once considered as one of the top ten best pound-for-pound fighters in the world with wins over several well-respected fighters. Therefore, a Los Angeles motorcycle attorney here is in deep regret since he has been a witness on how a great fighter Williams was during his entire career. Hopefully, the said accident would not put an early end to Williams’ promising career on the ring.