Saturday, May 28, 2011

NASA Mars Project Unfazed by Crane Accident

Impossible, but doable.

This can be the belief of rocket scientists as they pursue Mars project despite a crane accident at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Florida.

The accident occurred last week during a launch rehearsal at the known Mars Science Laboratory. The crane operator made a mistake of lifting the rover's back shell while it was still pinned to its table. The engineers rushed to the site and inspected whether the back shell's structure was damaged, reports said.

According to reports, the back shell was not designed to carry additional weight. As the scientists checked Curiosity's external, there were no significant damage.

Because of the unexpected durability of Curiosity's back shell, scientists have pursued its plans to launch it in November 2011. It is expected to land on Mars in summer of 2012. The Mars project will study potential life form and suitable conditions in Mars that can support primitive life.

Sounds impossible, but doable. Scientists have reiterated the possibility of reaching other planets and discovering other life forms aside from ones on Earth. It seems like not a crane accident can stop engineers from pursuing their goal to have Curiosity observe Mars.

What transpired during the launch rehearsal only proves that even a small accident or slight miscommunication among the involved personnel can make or break a well-planned project by a single act of recklessness or negligence. Should the crane operator have been more careful in performing his duty, the accident could have been avoided. Most likely, the operator did not ask or verify instructions before lifting the back shell. Also, his/her immediate superior should have monitored the rehearsal actions diligently.

In a crane accident, the immediate superior still has the responsibility over his/her workers. If ever an accident occurs, the manager and the employer can face liability over the employees' injuries. The employees can file Workers' Compensation
claim to avail of employer's health insurance. Should the employer refuse to provide medical coverage, the worker can assert legal action.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot-boarder Dies after DUI Accident in LA

Who says hot-boarding is fun? Perhaps for survivors of this dangerous sport. However, for the family of a deceased skater, it will remain as a lethal activity that leaves a lasting scar on memory.

According to police reports, Edward Culhane was hot-boarding (the skater is towed by a moving car) at Santa Clarita on Tuesday. He fell head first onto the ground, and was rushed to Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital. He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

The Los Angeles Police Officers arrested Ryan Howell, the car driver, for Driving Under Influence (DUI) charges.

What supposed to be a fun sport, ended fatally as Culhane failed to hang on tight with the rope and his skateboard. As the police officers have commented, the car driver seemed drunk while pulling his buddy. Reckless driving or speeding could have triggered Culhane to lose his grip and fall onto the ground.

According to Personal Injury law, Driving Under Influence (DUI) carries stringent penalties such as imprisonment, fines, and paying of damages. When such negligent act caused fatal injury to the victim, the surviving family members can assert legal action.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Saving a Pretty Face-- Demi Lovato Escapes LA Fender Bender Crash

More than a rocker-- she's a teen crash survivor.

Camp Rock star Demi Lovato once again proves her luck after escaping serious injury from a car accident in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday.

According to Los Angeles police officers, the teen heartthrob was traversing south Los Angeles when another driver crashed onto her Mercedes Benz. The Camp Rock star was unhurt in the accident, but her car was lightly damaged.

Lovato broke her months of silence with a "bang" in LA. Frustratingly, she still looked stressed out while talking with the other driver.

Good thing her figure was unaffected with the crash, and fans can continue to look forward to another teen choice fav film of Demi.

Should Demi was hurt in the accident; her "Brothers" will be regretful on her shattered "Rock" plans.

Lovato adds to the list of Hollywood celebs who have experienced infamous LA crash downtown. She now belongs to the aggrieved residents who hope for improved safety on LA streets.

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Daniel Lanois Goes Motorcycling again after Recuperation

Guitarist-singer Daniel Lanois is back on riding motorcycle after recuperating from an accident at Los Angeles.
The artist was seen motorcycling on his way home at Los Angeles on Wednesday. Lanois confirmed he's back on the iron horse after recovering from multiple injuries in June 2010.

Lanois commented how his back still hurt after sustaining broken ribs and partly collapsed lung. Nevertheless, he pursued motorcycling again on a “hobby” basis.

The 59-year-old described how his doctor is not pleased with his new riding activities. What more if he’ll describe how he traverses to and fro downtown with his dirt bike. On top of his “hobby” activities, Lanois has series of concert tours with his band Black Dub.

While recuperating may take few months for some people, for Lanois, it seems like it only took weeks. This Grammy guy may serve as an idol for fans, but not his after-crash actions.

He will do better with being a passenger in his tour bus rather than roaming LA streets with his accident-prone bike.
Repeat traffic offenses can yield more penalties rather than healing. It can even aggravate driving license suspension or fines. More so, you might spend the next years of your life in prison.

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