Friday, May 20, 2011

Saving a Pretty Face-- Demi Lovato Escapes LA Fender Bender Crash

More than a rocker-- she's a teen crash survivor.

Camp Rock star Demi Lovato once again proves her luck after escaping serious injury from a car accident in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday.

According to Los Angeles police officers, the teen heartthrob was traversing south Los Angeles when another driver crashed onto her Mercedes Benz. The Camp Rock star was unhurt in the accident, but her car was lightly damaged.

Lovato broke her months of silence with a "bang" in LA. Frustratingly, she still looked stressed out while talking with the other driver.

Good thing her figure was unaffected with the crash, and fans can continue to look forward to another teen choice fav film of Demi.

Should Demi was hurt in the accident; her "Brothers" will be regretful on her shattered "Rock" plans.

Lovato adds to the list of Hollywood celebs who have experienced infamous LA crash downtown. She now belongs to the aggrieved residents who hope for improved safety on LA streets.

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