Saturday, May 28, 2011

NASA Mars Project Unfazed by Crane Accident

Impossible, but doable.

This can be the belief of rocket scientists as they pursue Mars project despite a crane accident at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Florida.

The accident occurred last week during a launch rehearsal at the known Mars Science Laboratory. The crane operator made a mistake of lifting the rover's back shell while it was still pinned to its table. The engineers rushed to the site and inspected whether the back shell's structure was damaged, reports said.

According to reports, the back shell was not designed to carry additional weight. As the scientists checked Curiosity's external, there were no significant damage.

Because of the unexpected durability of Curiosity's back shell, scientists have pursued its plans to launch it in November 2011. It is expected to land on Mars in summer of 2012. The Mars project will study potential life form and suitable conditions in Mars that can support primitive life.

Sounds impossible, but doable. Scientists have reiterated the possibility of reaching other planets and discovering other life forms aside from ones on Earth. It seems like not a crane accident can stop engineers from pursuing their goal to have Curiosity observe Mars.

What transpired during the launch rehearsal only proves that even a small accident or slight miscommunication among the involved personnel can make or break a well-planned project by a single act of recklessness or negligence. Should the crane operator have been more careful in performing his duty, the accident could have been avoided. Most likely, the operator did not ask or verify instructions before lifting the back shell. Also, his/her immediate superior should have monitored the rehearsal actions diligently.

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