Friday, May 20, 2011

Daniel Lanois Goes Motorcycling again after Recuperation

Guitarist-singer Daniel Lanois is back on riding motorcycle after recuperating from an accident at Los Angeles.
The artist was seen motorcycling on his way home at Los Angeles on Wednesday. Lanois confirmed he's back on the iron horse after recovering from multiple injuries in June 2010.

Lanois commented how his back still hurt after sustaining broken ribs and partly collapsed lung. Nevertheless, he pursued motorcycling again on a “hobby” basis.

The 59-year-old described how his doctor is not pleased with his new riding activities. What more if he’ll describe how he traverses to and fro downtown with his dirt bike. On top of his “hobby” activities, Lanois has series of concert tours with his band Black Dub.

While recuperating may take few months for some people, for Lanois, it seems like it only took weeks. This Grammy guy may serve as an idol for fans, but not his after-crash actions.

He will do better with being a passenger in his tour bus rather than roaming LA streets with his accident-prone bike.
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