Friday, September 24, 2010

Suspected Drunken Driver Arrested after Causing Three-Vehicle Crash

Negligent acts such as drunk driving and failure to stop at a red light are easy to avoid, if only drivers would think of the safety and welfare of all road users. Complying with traffic rules can significantly lessen the risks of an accident without requiring much effort on their part. However, the problem lies in their attitude and willingness to keep the roads safer.

A male driver suspected to be under the influence of alcohol has been arrested after he failed to stop at a red light and caused a three-car crash in Mission Viejo.

Reports said the accident occurred at the intersection of Avery and Marguerite Parkway.

According to witnesses, the driver Colin Newman, 22, was exiting the 5 freeway along Avery Parkway in a red Volkswagen Jetta when he smashed into a Honda Element after failing to stop at a red light. The vehicle then crashed into a Chevy Cobalt.

Authorities said one occupant of the Cobalt suffered from pain. Meanwhile, at least three occupants of the Element were trapped inside the vehicle. Firefighters needed to use heavy machinery just to cut through the vehicle and rescue them.

The three occupants were then brought to a hospital to receive treatment for unknown injuries.

Newman was required to undergo a sobriety test. Afterwards, he was arrested on the suspicion of DUI.

It turned out that the driver is listed as a member of the U.S. Marine. A man who was supposed to protect the people in this country failed to follow simple traffic rules.

Newman’s arrest may greatly affect his position in the Marines, but some people may not sympathize with him because he was the one who caused his misfortunes. Reports said he is now being held on a $100,000 bail.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Car Passenger Dies in Two-Vehicle Collision in Stevinson

Reports said Prusack was rushed to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto to be treated for his injuries.

The big rig driver Eulalio Bernard, 61, from Ceres, was traveling northbound along Highway 165 when he suddenly crashed into the Honda’s passenger side. He left the accident area uninjured.

This fatal collision would have been avoided if Prusack stopped at the red light. When he saw the yellow light, he should have reduced his speed because the red one will appear next.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Madera County Deputy Injured in Collision, Fiery Crash

Law enforcers’ often put their lives at risk while they are doing their job duties. In fact, a Madera County deputy was recently hurt while responding to an emergency call when he got involved in collision that ended in a fiery crash.

Reports said Deputy Homar Puga, 25, from Madera, was involved in an accident that occurred along Road 222, near Bass Lake.

Puga’s Ford Cruiser was moving behind a Chevrolet Cobalt that was being driven by Cameron Ron Taylor, 22, from Oakhurst. Taylor was turning left onto Dorstan Drive when the two vehicles suddenly collided.

Authorities said the deputy’s patrol car swerved in a northwest direction before it crashed into a tree and exploded. The explosion reportedly ignited a grass fire, which was fortunately put out by responding firefighters.

According to reports, a number of people helped the deputy. He suffered from major injuries as a result of the crash.

The Chevrolet driver was able to escape from injuries while his passenger Melisa Skallerud, 27, from Oakhurst, sustained minor injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the accident.