Thursday, August 25, 2011

LASD to Pay Malibu Wrongful Death Victim’s Parents

A wrongful death is always painful, and it may become inevitably tragic if it was caused by the negligence of the police.

On September 2009, 24-year-old Miltrice Richardson was arrested at a Malibu restaurant for failing to pay her bill. Malibu sheriff’s department released her from custody around midnight the next day without car, purse, or cell phone. Following her release, Richardson went missing.

Several months after Richardson went missing, her body was found in a secluded canyon in Malibu. The victim’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD). In the lawsuit, the parents strongly criticized the deputies’ decision to release their daughter into the midnight, given her mental and emotional state.

Almost a year after the claim was filed, the parents of Richardson and LASD have reached a tentative agreement to settle the lawsuit for $900,000, reports said.

Under the tort law, a person or a group of people who caused wrongful death of an individual are legally required to provide compensation for the immediate family or dependents of the decedent. In the case of Richardson, LASD must shoulder the compensation for the parents’ pain and suffering and loss of companionship.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pregnant Pedestrian’s Unborn Killed in a Inglewood Car Accident

Only bulls ran over color red; for humans, red means stop, not go. A woman driver in Inglewood, California, acted like wild bull instead of a reasonable driver when she sped up and ran through a red traffic light, hitting a pregnant pedestrian and killing her unborn child.

According to news reports, the driver, Janine Mayfield, hit a pregnant woman, identified as Brittney Cheeseman at Market Street, Inglewood. Right after the pedestrian accident, Cheeseman was brought to a local hospital to have her injuries treated. Unfortunately, the victim’s unborn did not survive the accident.

Police investigation found out that Mayfield ran over a red light and did not stop when she hit Cheeseman. Witnesses to the accident notified the police of the plate number of the car that helped in tracking down Mayfield, reports said. The driver was arrested and being held on a $50,000 bail.

A simple act of carelessness when driving may result in life-damaging consequences for the victim. In the case of Mayfield, because of her negligence in following traffic rule, life of an innocent unborn child is lost.

In legal sense, Cheeseman may file for personal injury and wrongful death claims against the female driver. Under the tort law, it is the legal obligation of a negligent driver to provide compensations for the car accident victim.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Texting Drivers in California Should Get their Pockets Ready

The world of texting drivers in California is becoming smaller – for the better. To address the growing problem on auto accidents in California due to distracted driving, the California Senate has approved a proposed bill that will increase the fine for distracted drivers.

According to news reports, the bill only needs the sign of Governor Jerry Brown to pass it into state law. Presently the base fine for texting drivers is $20 but if the governor approves the bill, distracted drivers would be fined with $50 and repeat offenders would penalized with $100 up to $528.

The dangers of texting while driving to drivers and pedestrians cannot be underestimated. According to Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), nearly 5,474 people were involved in fatal crashes involving driver distraction in 2009 alone. The worst thing about distracted driving is that innocent people may be injured or killed due to one’s carelessness.

Certainly the proposed California law cannot totally eliminate texting drivers in the state; however, it can somehow make drivers think twice before using their mobile phones while driving.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 3 Reminders for Drivers

Road accidents happen more than 10 times a day and it is always good to be aware of your rights as well as your responsibilities while you’re on the road.

Being oblivious of the law when it comes to dealing with vehicle accidents gives us no excuse to face the consequences of our actions that’s why today, we have come up with top 3 things to remember while you are behind the wheel.

Number 3: Never drive drunk.

As much as it has been a cliché, a lot of people still forget or some intentionally break this rule. A lot of lives have been in jeopardy due to people driving under the influence of alcohol.
Driving is a huge responsibility so no matter how tempting it is to drink while coming from a party, you have to make a stand and be disciplined enough not to do so.

Number 2: Never use your mobile phone.

In California, it has already been part of the law and was announced by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that the use of mobile phones while driving will cause an infraction for those who will violate it.

That law that was released back in 2009 is just reasonable to assure the safety of the person driving, as well as to the people on the streets.

Number 1: Focus.

It is hard to do anything if your mind is somewhere else and this definitely applies while driving. Being 100% focused while on the road is a must especially if you’re a new driver.

Avoid talking to your seatmate, eating, drinking and even listening to loud music if it will only cause your attention to dwindle while you’re behind the wheel.

Keep in mind all these simple tips that we have for you to avoid road accidents. Remember that it’s not only you who could suffer from it but other people as well.

Car and other vehicular accidents are not something new especially if you are living in California. If you have experienced it or if there’s anyone you know who has been a victim of it, it’s better to consult a California personal injury lawyer.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Reversing Tow Truck Driver Kills Chino Woman

Horrible things can happen behind your back, literally. A tow truck driver fatally hit a woman while trying to reverse his vehicle in Chino Hills.

The woman identified as Lisa Via, 42, was killed in a truck accident while trying to stop a tow truck driver from reclaiming her car. According to news reports, driver Leo Song claimed that he did not notice that Via was behind the vehicle while he was backing up.

The victim’s sister, Sandy Pavlik, said that Via was stuck in between the truck and the vehicle. However, according to Song’s testimony, he assumed the woman had moved away when he started reversing the truck.

If proven guilty of negligent driving, the driver can face legal consequences pursuant to tort law. Under the law, if a person’s negligent action causes the untimely death of another individual, he or she is required to provide compensation and indemnity to the beneficiaries like family members of the victim.

Family members of a wrongful death victim are advised to seek legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer who can properly pursue their claim. Compensation for family members may include immediate expenses related to the victim’s death, loss of benefits, loss of the victim’s anticipated income, and pain and suffering,

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Father and Daughter Detained for Felony Hit-and-Run Violations

To what extent does a father need to protect his daughter? Is it even after a fatal accident?

This scenario dawns on the father of a 23-year-old driver who struck a bicyclist in Canoga Park.

According to reports, Los Angeles police officers arrested Dominique Rush and her father on Tuesday after tracing their involvement in a fatal crash that killed a senior high school cyclist on April 20.

Police officers detained the father and daughter in Van Nuys Police Station after four months of investigation. Dominique's bail is set at $100,000 while Rush's bail is set at $20,000, reports said.

Reports said the teen cyclist, German Alex Romero, was traveling with his friend on northbound De Soto Avenue when the car struck and left him at the scene on June. Romero sustained fatal injuries while his friend was unhurt in the accident. Steven allegedly helped her daughter conceal the crime.

Residents near Canoga Park and Valley Traffic Detectives helped the police officers track the whereabouts of the car driver.

However, after concealing his daughter’s crime, he reaped more legal troubles for both of them. The police officers charged Dominique with felony hit-and-run and Gross Vehicular Manslaughter. Steven also faces legal charges for helping her daughter run away from authorities.

Felony hit-and-run carries more stringent penalties before the court. Should the car driver have chosen to stop and inform authorities about the crash, she could have given herself a chance to clarify the causes of events. If she had also presented her proof financial responsibility, she might not have faced imprisonment.

In California, motorists are required to alert emergency personnel on accident and cooperate with police officers on investigation. Failure to fulfill such responsibility carries legal consequences.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

L.A. Art Walk Accident Involving 2-Month-Old Child Becomes a Wake-up Call

Motorists and pedestrians alike deserve safer streets and roads. Although many accidents occur due to the negligence of certain drivers, some vehicle accidents happen because of unsafe streets.

The tragic death of a two-month-old child at the Los Angeles Art Walk became a wake-up call for authorities. The City Council assigned a new task force that will review traffic, pedestrian maintenance, and other road safety issues along the area to avoid any horrific accident in the future.

Last month, a driver crashed into a curb of L.A. Art Walk while trying to park his vehicle. The mishap left several pedestrians injured and a two-month-old baby, Marcello Vasquez, dead.

According to traffic officials, the Art Walk accommodates up to 30,000 people when there are events. The large number of crowd is difficult to manage and secure, and controlling traffic along the area becomes problematic. In addition, inconsistent traffic control may cause hazards to both drivers and pedestrians and it can greatly increase the risks of a road accident.

Car accidents may result in injuries and deaths, just like what happened to the innocent infant victim. Drivers must always take all the possible caution to avoid any destructive accident. Victims of car accidents have the legal right to file for compensation claims against negligent drivers who cause them pain and suffering.

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Calimesa Man Suffers Serious Injuries after Losing Control of Car Wheels

Perhaps it is true when they say cars get into crashes more than SUVs nowadays.

Whether it's just what Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUVs) marketers say to promote new stability features or not, the series of car accident reports in California this year point to the reality of its driving hazard.

Stability problems among cars during adverse road condition were raised by recent researchers. They argued that new SUV models with stability control system can better prevent rollover than ordinary cars. They have challenged car manufacturers to compete with the new safety feature and prove reduce accident cases.

Perhaps the researches can include the accident in Interstate 15 on Tuesday to one of its case study.

According to reports, Jeffrey Gerardo, 22 years old, was driving his Saturn SL2 on Interstate 15 when he lost control of the wheels. The coupe veered off the east road and rolled several times down the embankment, reports said.

Some motorists saw the accident and tried to help Gerardo. Murrieta rescuers also came and cut the car's front door to pull him out. He suffered serious injuries and was transported to Inland Valley Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries, reports said.

Reports said the driver lose control of the wheels when the car began veering off the lane. Perhaps manufacturers can take the challenge of inventing new technology to improve car stability when the driver lifts his hand off the wheels for several seconds. This can mean installing new device or restructuring the car’s system.

Whether car manufacturers take the challenge or not, it will remain true that road hazard exists for all motorists. It is still the responsibility of the driver to inspect his car’s parts and abide with traffic laws. Failure to fulfill such duty of care reduces the driver’s chance of receiving damages from the car manufacturer’s insurance company or from the government.

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