Friday, August 12, 2011

Reversing Tow Truck Driver Kills Chino Woman

Horrible things can happen behind your back, literally. A tow truck driver fatally hit a woman while trying to reverse his vehicle in Chino Hills.

The woman identified as Lisa Via, 42, was killed in a truck accident while trying to stop a tow truck driver from reclaiming her car. According to news reports, driver Leo Song claimed that he did not notice that Via was behind the vehicle while he was backing up.

The victim’s sister, Sandy Pavlik, said that Via was stuck in between the truck and the vehicle. However, according to Song’s testimony, he assumed the woman had moved away when he started reversing the truck.

If proven guilty of negligent driving, the driver can face legal consequences pursuant to tort law. Under the law, if a person’s negligent action causes the untimely death of another individual, he or she is required to provide compensation and indemnity to the beneficiaries like family members of the victim.

Family members of a wrongful death victim are advised to seek legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer who can properly pursue their claim. Compensation for family members may include immediate expenses related to the victim’s death, loss of benefits, loss of the victim’s anticipated income, and pain and suffering,

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