Friday, August 29, 2014

CHP Braces for Labor Day Holiday Trips

Workers, rejoice because once again, a long weekend is in your midst. Every 1st of September in every year, the United States celebrates Labor Day. As expected, such will be another busy and heavily travelled weekend in California and almost all the other states for that matter. That is because every year, millions of Americans look forward to the Labor Day holiday to go around on road trips to enjoy.

Accident-prone Holiday

Every year, several accidents are recorded throughout the country during the annual celebration of Labor Day. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), in 2013, 49 people were killed while hundreds were injured because of motor vehicle accidents. This was a 40 percent increase from the same period in 2012. There are many reasons as to why such accidents happen. More than the increased traffic during the Labor Day Holiday, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) incidents are recorded. In fact, the CHP has arrested more than 1,200 people for violating the DUI laws. That is why various state and federal agencies are coming up with programs to help lessen instances of accidents during this long weekend.

The Labor Day Maximum Enforcement Period

Beginning today, Friday, at around 6pm, the CHP will start its annual Labor Day Maximum Enforcement Period. During the implementation of such program, the CHP also celebrates the national drunk driving enforcement crackdown “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”. Authorities are encouraging motorists to be responsible on the road to ensure that they will enjoy that highly-anticipated holiday trip. During such time, the CHP will intensify their campaigns to catch DUI drivers. In fact, the agency appealed to responsible motorists to immediately report a suspected drunk driver. By calling 911, a motorist can give a description of the vehicle, the license plate number, location, and its direction of travel. By doing so, you will be able to lead the CHP to suspected DUI drivers and get them off the road. This helps make roads safer, avoiding potential accidents from happening. The CHP added that their workers will be monitoring 24/7 to prevent road accidents during the long weekend.

Plan for a Safe Trip

The CHP also appealed to motorists to come up with a plan to ensure the safety of their weekend trips. The agency advised motorists to ensure the good condition of their vehicles by checking on it before embarking on a trip. Moreover, buckling up, driving defensively at a safe and legal speed, avoiding distractions, and designating drivers, motorists in California can contribute to the prevention of injuries and loss of lives during this time of celebration.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

“Real Housewife of Orange County” Star Injured in a Holiday Ski Accident

The only woman to have been profiled throughout the seven seasons of the hit television show, ”Real Housewife of Orange County,” Vicki Gunvalson, reportedly spent the rest of her holidays with a whiplash injury.

According to media sources, the actress was on a ski run in Park City in Utah when a snow boarder accidentally cut her off and caused her to fall facedown the mountain of snow, punching her neck throughout the process.

Subsequently, Gunvalson still managed to get back up and finish the course. Nevertheless, as a safety precaution, ski patrol called an ambulance to transport her to the hospital while in a giant neck brace and stretcher.

Shortly thereafter, upon her hospital arrival, doctors determined that Gunvalson had a bad case of whiplash. Further reports claimed that Gunvalson is currently recovering and will only need a follow up check up with an OC doctor soon.

Apparently, Gunvalson was not blaming anyone for the incident and seemed to be considering the same as pure accident. Nevertheless, it is not yet sure whether the actress has any plan of bringing up a personal injury case or negligence claim following the incident.

Meanwhile, as it is defined, premise liability claim states that although there is nothing much that one can do to completely avoid accidents inside a property, the law nevertheless advises that property owners should be held liable for everything that takes place within their property premises. The said law helps to make sure that victims of such accidents, especially if the same was caused by other people’s negligence, can receive the right compensation by filing a claim, explained by a Los Angeles slip-and-fall lawyer.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

President Obama Seeks Action after Connecticut School Shooting

After the news broke about the fatal shooting rampage in an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut last Friday, President Barack Obama in his grieving statement called for a significant action to curb gun violence.

The President said that he intends to bring together leaders at all levels in the country to seek for ways to restrain gun violence. Apparently, he seemed remorseful for having done nothing decisive against gun violence during his first term, although he supports the reinstatement of the ban on assault weapon sales.

However, following the said statement, House spokesperson Jay Carney told the media that the immediate aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting is not the right time to discuss policy on gun violence.

As previously reported, last Friday was probably the most tragic day of the year for many Newton residents after Adam Lanza, 20, shot to death his mother, Nancy Lanza, 52, and then went to the nearby elementary school, Sandy Hook, where engaged in a mass shooting.

Lanza shot 26 victims multiple times with his rifle, killing them instantly. He then shot himself in the head using one of his hand guns.

Unfortunately, 20 of the fatalities were children aged just six and seven, while the six others were all adult women, including the school principal, the psychologist, and four other school staff.

According to the Connecticut State Police, Lanza held two handguns and an assault rifle which were all found to be registered under the name of his mother. Meanwhile, initial investigation revealed that most of the victims were killed by multiple gunshots from his riffle.

Until present, the motive of the shooter is still undetermined but the investigation is gearing towards such discovery. Recent reports said that authorities have already recovered lots of solid evidences from Lanza’s home, but they have not revealed what prompted him to do the mass killing.

Meanwhile, Lanza’s father was said to be shocked at the horror caused by his son since he was generally described as a shy, silent, and nerdy young man.

So far, no premise liability claim was reportedly raised by the victims’ family against the school. Apparently, the transgressor broke into the school using the locked door. Therefore, such claims could be far possible since the school’s security apparently have never been an issue as previously reported by several media sources. However, it could be too early to tell for sure that no claims will ever be made,  since the incident happened just a few days ago. Most definitely, the families of the victims are still mourning their loved ones’ death, a Los Angeles injury lawyer said.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Los Angeles Based Singer Feared Dead after Plane Crash

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
The Los Angeles-based singer, Jenni Rivera, was feared to have been killed in a place crash last Sunday in Northern Mexico area, media sources said.

As recently reported, the Mexican-American superstar’s family presumed that her body was one of the remains found in the accident scene in a rugged territory in Nuevo Leon although the authorities are have not yet confirmed her death.

In a statement released by her father, Pedro Rivera, he claimed that his son Lupillo confirmed her daughter’s death after he flew to Monterrey the next day after the incident. He also told media sources gathering in his Los Angeles home that he believed that his daughter’s body remains in unrecognizable.

According to the information gathered by the Civil Aviation, the plane had crashed leaving no survivor.

Further reports claimed that the plane that was scheduled to arrive in Toluca at 4:30 am showed no record of arrival. Therefore, the authorities began searching for it at 4:40 am with the help of two helicopters and an airplane according from a statement from the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation.

Moreover, the agency’s spokesperson, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, claimed that there is nothing recognizable, neither the materials nor the body of the casualties from the wreckage due to the strong impact of the plane. In fact, the remains, including Rivera’s mangled California driver’s license, were scattered over an area of 250 to 300 meters in a very rough terrain in Sierra Madre Oriental in Mexico.

Until present, the cause of the crash is not yet determined but the investigation is currently under way.

Esparza said that the plane was carrying the singer, her make-up artist, her publicist, the pilot and two other people when the crash occurred.

Incidentally, based on Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) records, Learjet 25, number N345MC was registered under Starwood Management of Las Vegas, Nevada. Records also revealed that it was built in 1969 and had an existing registration until 2015.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles accident attorney herein noted that although aviation accident seldom occurs, the possibility that all passengers being killed at high stake.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bobbi Kristina Wrecks Chevy Camaro Anew

Just a few weeks after Whitney Houston’s sole daughter, Bobbi Kristina, wrecked her own Camaro while parking it in her apartment complex in Georgia, she again smashed the same while driving it out of her parking garage.

As reported, the police were alarmed upon receiving a call from 911 claiming that a car has been wrecked from a single car accident in Alpharetta, Georgia last Nov. 28.

When the police arrived at the scene, Bobbi was already standing outside her once-shiny expensive car and appeared uninjured but somehow needed little assistance, according to the police who responded at the scene.

Police officers confirmed that it was a single vehicle accident. Moreover, investigation revealed that Bobbi was trying to pull her car off their apartment’s parking garage and make a left turn when she lost control of it. As a result of which, the Camaro ran over a curb, down an embankment, and struck several trees nearby.

Fortunately, the police further confirmed that alcohol or drugs was not a factor in the incident. Nevertheless, Bobbi was still ticketed by the police for ‘failure to maintain lane’.

Meanwhile, Bobbi’s car appeared to be totaled. Therefore, the car insurance company where her car Chevy Camaro was insured would probably get too disappointed for the second time around in just one month. Incidentally, it was only last Nov. 5 when Bobbi smashed her own car in her boyfriend’s vehicle as she was parking it in her apartment.

Apparently, Bobbi needs some more driving lessons from professionals since it was not only her first time being involved in such wreck, suggested a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. Fortunately, in those vehicle accidents, nobody got hurt—that is, aside from her high end vehicle, which was always left partially damaged, if not totaled.