Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bobbi Kristina Wrecks Chevy Camaro Anew

Just a few weeks after Whitney Houston’s sole daughter, Bobbi Kristina, wrecked her own Camaro while parking it in her apartment complex in Georgia, she again smashed the same while driving it out of her parking garage.

As reported, the police were alarmed upon receiving a call from 911 claiming that a car has been wrecked from a single car accident in Alpharetta, Georgia last Nov. 28.

When the police arrived at the scene, Bobbi was already standing outside her once-shiny expensive car and appeared uninjured but somehow needed little assistance, according to the police who responded at the scene.

Police officers confirmed that it was a single vehicle accident. Moreover, investigation revealed that Bobbi was trying to pull her car off their apartment’s parking garage and make a left turn when she lost control of it. As a result of which, the Camaro ran over a curb, down an embankment, and struck several trees nearby.

Fortunately, the police further confirmed that alcohol or drugs was not a factor in the incident. Nevertheless, Bobbi was still ticketed by the police for ‘failure to maintain lane’.

Meanwhile, Bobbi’s car appeared to be totaled. Therefore, the car insurance company where her car Chevy Camaro was insured would probably get too disappointed for the second time around in just one month. Incidentally, it was only last Nov. 5 when Bobbi smashed her own car in her boyfriend’s vehicle as she was parking it in her apartment.

Apparently, Bobbi needs some more driving lessons from professionals since it was not only her first time being involved in such wreck, suggested a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. Fortunately, in those vehicle accidents, nobody got hurt—that is, aside from her high end vehicle, which was always left partially damaged, if not totaled.