Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Elevator accident: Something has to be Done

Almost every building and establishment in California, especially Los Angeles, which is at least higher than four floors, has an elevator installed on them to lift passengers up and down.

But oblivious to us is the fact that every year, significant numbers of our fellow “passengers” suffer bodily injuries because of untoward incidents that happened in this great invention – the elevator accident.

In the country, several cases of these elevator accidents have been brought before the court for settlements of claims for damages and other loss. Under the law, you may have a claim from the property owner or proprietor of the building where you sustained injuries because of an elevator accident.

Some was rather very unfortunate to suffer wrongful death.

A substandard construction or failure to maintain the proper standards, building codes, etc. of an establishment will most probably expose its owner/proprietor to liability to persons who suffered injuries due to accident.

If you or a family member suffers this type of accident or anything related to elevator accident, you must seek rightful compensation with the help of an elevator accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer.

The battle may be tough, as to proving and establishing the negligence and liability of the building owner, that proper and efficient representation will be indispensable in each and every case of elevator accident.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SUV Crashworthiness in Rollover Accidents

Sleek, sturdy and strong - sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are popular among motorists and consumers around the country. Unfortunately, rollover crashes often involve SUVs and other bigger vehicles like vans and light trucks. Each year, rollover accident victims swell in number.

Because SUVs are usually bigger than regular cars, injuries in rollover accidents are often fatal. In fact, 33% of all vehicle accidents in the country may be attributed to fatal rollover accidents.

To be able to know how passengers may be protected during accidents, its crashworthiness must be determined. Whatever caused a vehicle to crash, there must be some degree of safety to protect passengers from injuries in an accident. This is called crashworthiness and it is a principle applied by car manufacturers when they design and build cars.

Similarly, crashworthiness can also help you in determining fault in a rollover accident. Faulty design and manufacturing defects could result in accidents and bigger vehicles, like SUVs and vans have unstable center of gravity, making it prone to rollover accidents.

In addition to this, the absence of safety mechanisms like seat belts can undermine a vehicle’s crashworthiness.

If you believe your injuries in a rollover accident are caused by vehicle defects, you must immediately consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to thresh out the issues.