Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Mounting Bicycle Accidents

After gas prices soared in the past few months, some people have noticed the remarkable increase in the number of accidents involving bicycles.

In the article, “Cycling Accidents Increase with Gas Prices”, posted on September 23, 2008, this phenomenon was reported. According to the article, a cycling organization believes commuters using bicycles as a means of transport have doubled in the past year. In California, the number of licenses for motorcycles has also increased “from 908,000 to over 1 million”.

While it may be true that bicycle accidents can be attributed to the increase in the number of bicycles users as brought about by the rising fuel prices, other factors must also be considered.

Bicycle riders have a higher risk of getting involved in accidents than car drivers, owing to the size and speed of bicycles. At any rate, those who ride on highways and busy streets have greater chances of getting involved in road accidents.

Knowing the basic rules in road safety and courtesy such as lane sharing and observance of traffic rules could help a rider avoid the risk of accidents. In any case, if you happen to get involved in a cycling accident, it would be best to ask legal assistance from someone who is knowledgeable, preferably a lawyer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mental Issues in Post Car Accident Scenario

How does a victim feel right after a car accident?

Definitely, vehicle accidents result in injuries, which are either minor or serious ones. But what goes on inside the mind of a car accident victim is something that cannot be detected and treated right away.

In most cases, I would assume that many vehicle accident victims suffer from some kind of trauma or anguish over the tragic event.

One can judge for himself how someone who was driving a truck that struck another vehicle and caused a four-vehicle pile-up managed himself to survive though injured, got out of the crashed vehicle and jumped off the ledge in a busy highway.

Strange it may seem but true. In the article “Driver who Crashed, Jumped Off a Ledge not Arrested”, posted last September 22, 2008, that incident happened. A truck driver crashed his vehicle into another car that resulted in a pile-up. It happed at the Pacific Coast Highway.

According to the article, the injured truck driver got out of the car after the collision and walked through the busy traffic. Witnesses said the man did not appear to be fleeing the scene of the accident but “acted bizarre” and suddenly jumped off the ledge.

When asked by police officers later, the driver said he was not aware of his actions during that moment.

Accident victims experience trauma and other mental conditions after getting involved in accidents. In some cases, the mental conditions of accident victims are the result of serious physical injuries such as brain or spinal cord injury.

Claims from pain and suffering, including serious injuries, from accidents are recoverable. In order to obtain compensation for these non-economic damages, an accident victim must consult with a credible and experienced personal injury lawyer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Roll over Accident Injures at Least One

Another rollover accident involving SUV occurred in Anaheim 91 freeway again.

By now, we know that amongst all cars, SUVs are more likely to rollover.

Countless of roll over accidents happened in the US involving SUVs nowadays. These accidents are primarily attributed to vehicle make-up and manufacture designs.

Going back, the Anaheim accident happened one Tuesday afternoon. Due to the accident, two fast lanes were blocked and a SigAlert was issued.

Traffic remains slow in the Freeway even after dark. It was reported that at least one person was injured in the accident.

The Anaheim Fire Department responded at the scene of the accident and treated the person who sustained injuries before he was transported to St. Joseph Hospital.

Statistically, more than 28,000 roll over accidents happened each year in the US. 10,000 are fatal – meaning death resulted, while 24,000 are ruinously injured.

Pile and pile of cases are being filed - against third party, insurance, car manufacturer, among others, across the nation.

This yet another accident is no exception. In this regard, help from a rollover accident lawyer must be had.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It Takes Time to Establish Construction Liability

I have scanned a news release last Saturday posted by The Union Tribune in San Diego stating that the state investigators may take months to finish establishing accounts of the walkway collapse that recently happened at a construction site in East Village. The terrifying accident, according to the report, injured 15 individuals who were subsequently rushed to hospitals.

Now, let me discuss two things here. Why does the authorities need such long period in determining the facts? What are the liabilities that may apply in this particular case?

Determining the true accounts of the incident and the liabilities involved may really take time. Primarily, the length of the process will depend on various circumstances and conditions. Did the construction site owner and/or company have been neglectful in ensuring safety while the construction works is in progress?

Another matter, which the law weighs, is the question on how the victims responded to the safety rules implemented on the site. Several instances wherein the workers have been reluctant in abiding such rules give negative results in cases that were filed.

Certainly, the site owners, engineers, contractors and suppliers may be held accountable for accidents that may result from their negligence. If the court found out that they are indeed liable, they will be urged to compensate the victims.

Recoveries may still vary but generally, injured victims may receive reimbursements for the following:

• pain and suffering

• hospitalization and other medical expenses

• loss of wages including their potential earnings in the future

• mental distress

• punitive damages and other types of damages and losses in relation to the accident and injuries

However, the process of recovery may cause further discomfort on the part of the victims. Thus, it is very much necessary for the injured victims to have their cases defended by construction liability lawyers who have the capability of obtaining justice and rightful recoveries for them.