Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Mounting Bicycle Accidents

After gas prices soared in the past few months, some people have noticed the remarkable increase in the number of accidents involving bicycles.

In the article, “Cycling Accidents Increase with Gas Prices”, posted on September 23, 2008, this phenomenon was reported. According to the article, a cycling organization believes commuters using bicycles as a means of transport have doubled in the past year. In California, the number of licenses for motorcycles has also increased “from 908,000 to over 1 million”.

While it may be true that bicycle accidents can be attributed to the increase in the number of bicycles users as brought about by the rising fuel prices, other factors must also be considered.

Bicycle riders have a higher risk of getting involved in accidents than car drivers, owing to the size and speed of bicycles. At any rate, those who ride on highways and busy streets have greater chances of getting involved in road accidents.

Knowing the basic rules in road safety and courtesy such as lane sharing and observance of traffic rules could help a rider avoid the risk of accidents. In any case, if you happen to get involved in a cycling accident, it would be best to ask legal assistance from someone who is knowledgeable, preferably a lawyer.