Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It Takes Time to Establish Construction Liability

I have scanned a news release last Saturday posted by The Union Tribune in San Diego stating that the state investigators may take months to finish establishing accounts of the walkway collapse that recently happened at a construction site in East Village. The terrifying accident, according to the report, injured 15 individuals who were subsequently rushed to hospitals.

Now, let me discuss two things here. Why does the authorities need such long period in determining the facts? What are the liabilities that may apply in this particular case?

Determining the true accounts of the incident and the liabilities involved may really take time. Primarily, the length of the process will depend on various circumstances and conditions. Did the construction site owner and/or company have been neglectful in ensuring safety while the construction works is in progress?

Another matter, which the law weighs, is the question on how the victims responded to the safety rules implemented on the site. Several instances wherein the workers have been reluctant in abiding such rules give negative results in cases that were filed.

Certainly, the site owners, engineers, contractors and suppliers may be held accountable for accidents that may result from their negligence. If the court found out that they are indeed liable, they will be urged to compensate the victims.

Recoveries may still vary but generally, injured victims may receive reimbursements for the following:

• pain and suffering

• hospitalization and other medical expenses

• loss of wages including their potential earnings in the future

• mental distress

• punitive damages and other types of damages and losses in relation to the accident and injuries

However, the process of recovery may cause further discomfort on the part of the victims. Thus, it is very much necessary for the injured victims to have their cases defended by construction liability lawyers who have the capability of obtaining justice and rightful recoveries for them.