Wednesday, June 29, 2011

233 Households Lose Electricity after Car Crash

A single car crash caused power outage to three neighborhoods along a busy area in San Francisco Friday morning.

The motorist may be in a hurry to avoid the morning rush when the car swerved and hit a power pole. The accident caused at least 6,700 residents to lose electricity for the whole day.

According to reports, the driver was traveling at Leavenworth and Filbert streets when it struck the power pole. The accident has affected the Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, and Russian Hill neighborhoods.

Reports said at least 6,700 Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) customers had no electricity until late afternoon. The company restored power to the affected houses after 5:00 p.m.

It took one crash to impair residential and business activities at the three communities.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers can suspend the car driver’s license in a day, if he is guilty of a traffic law violation. Supposing the driver has committed drunk driving or speeding, the court may require him to compensate PG&E for the cost of repair of the affected power lines.

In California, it is illegal to exceed the 0.08 percent Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit. Drivers must also observe the 25 mph speed limit on residential areas. Failure to observe such traffic regulations may lead to legal consequences.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Dies in Car Accident

Jackass Star Ryan Dunn had survived numerous dangerous stunts, but not a car crash at West Goshen Township near Philadelphia on Monday.

The 34-year-old celeb was traveling on Route 322 and New Street when his Porsche swerved and crashed into a tree. The car then burst into flames, reports said.

According to reports, Dunn and his passenger, Zachary Hartwell, were both pronounced dead at the crash site.

Police commented that the two were seen leaving a pub in West Chester shortly before the accident. Also, Dunn was driving at 100 mph speed rate on a 55 mph zone.

Though Dunn was known as a professional stuntman, he was not able to overcome the blunt force which resulted from the car crash. Also, his speeding and DUI violations led to his tragic end.

In California, it is illegal for a driver to exceed the speed limit of 60 mph on freeways and 25 mph in populated areas. Also, adult motorists are mandated to abide with 0.08 percent limit on alcohol intake. Police officers enforce this law to reduce the danger on highways and to prevent catastrophic crashes from happening.

Sadly, Dunn failed to abide with the rules and this mistake directly caused his death. Nevertheless, his death will remind other drivers to abide with traffic laws and to prioritize their safety at all times.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interstate 5 Chain Crash Blamed on Distracted Driver

When you drive on the fast lane, allow extra distance from the driver in front of you in case he slows down or makes abrupt changes. This prevents a rear-end collision and a chain crash when you are traveling on the freeway.

If you fail to do so, you’ll end banged up like the people involved in the recent Interstate 5 three-vehicle collision.

On Wednesday, at least ten people were injured after a three-car collision at northbound Interstate 5 near Avenida Pico at 1:30 p.m.

A Dodge Durango driver was heading northbound in the fast lane when he crashed onto a slowing Nissan sedan. The impact of collision caused the Nissan sedan driver to hit a Mercedes coupe, according to California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports.

Reports said the Dodge Durango driver failed to stop on time to avoid the rear-end collision. He was unhurt in the crash, but four of his passengers suffered minor injuries and were taken to UCI Medical Center.

On the other hand, two occupants from the Nissan sedan sustained serious injuries while other four passengers sustained non-life threatening injuries. Rescuers transported the six injured people to Mission hospital. The 55-year-old driver of the Mercedes coupe was unhurt, reports said.

CHP officers commented that the Dodge driver failed to respond on the hazard due to inattention.

Shifting to lower gear abruptly while traveling on the fast lane is dangerous. Motorists behind may fail to notice such sudden deceleration and crash head onto your vehicle.
Also, when the driver is distracted or sleepy, it can reduce the response time to execute an emergency action.

In California, distracted driving is a traffic law offense and is considered a negligent act. Violators may face penalties and legal consequences when other people are harmed or injured as a result of the misconduct.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pregnant Tori Spelling Unhurt after LA Car Accident

Accident runs in the family.

This may be true for Tori and Dean because they both now faced the danger of traveling along Los Angeles’ roads.

On Monday, actress Tori Spelling crashed her car onto a school's wall as she tried to run away from a paparazzo, according to reports.

Reports said the Beverly Hill's icon was driving her two children to school when a photographer chased her car. Her car hit the school's curb and crashed onto the wall. The paparazzo still attempted to take some photos after the crash, but some school moms rescued Tori.

The Hollywood celeb and her two kids, Liam and Stella, were unhurt in the accident. Nevertheless, she visited her doctor to check whether her unborn baby is safe.

In her Twitter account, she narrated how the paparazzo still insisted on taking photos despite her condition.

It seems like the paparazzo was eager to get a real glimpse of the pregnant celeb. Perhaps the family's snap shots on Oxygen's Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood are not enough to reveal the family affairs. But, knowing that pregnant Tori already
crashed her car, the photographer should have called it quits.

Maybe it’s about time that LA City enforces stringent policies for paparazzi. Hollywood celebrities oftentimes are compelled to exceed speed limit just to escape intrusive photographers. Such act exposes actresses to crashes and injuries.

Good thing Dean McDermott has now recovered quite from his motorbike crash in July 2010 and he can assist his pregnant wife in moving in and out of LA streets.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Man Dies after Assault, Run Over Crash in LA

If stabbing is not enough to kill an enemy, using a car as another weapon may do the job. This may be the idea running in the mind of the two attackers as they jabbed the man and run him over.

According to Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), two men stabbed the victim, struck him with their car, and left the scene. As they reached the 1300 block of North Bradley Avenue, the car driver lost control of the wheels and crashed onto a pole.

The jabbed man was pronounced dead at the scene. The two attackers sustained injuries in the car accident and were transported to a local hospital, reports said.

LAPD homicide and traffic officers are investigating the case.

Unluckily, the attackers reveal themselves to authorities as they crashed the car and asked for medical treatment. The two men are now facing homicide and traffic law violation charges.

What is supposed to be a smooth criminal plan has ended up as a catastrophic crash. You see, crime does pay. And this time, they literally have to spend for their own hospital bill and legal expenses.

Sooner, the two men have to deal with the intentional misconduct allegations against them. Homicide coupled with traffic law violation has grave penalties and may lead to lengthy imprisonment penalty.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father and Sons Killed after Car Crash and Drowning Accident

What can be more tragic when a wife sees his husband dead weeks before Father's Day? And, isn't it worst when her kids are gone on a single day? Perhaps, it will just be prayers that can help ease her pain.

On Saturday, Cody Allen Olson, 16, was driving a family car on rain-slicked Highway 70 when it passed a recreational vehicle. He tried to switch lane, but the car swerved and plummeted into the cold Feather River. His father identified as Jameson Olson and younger brother Jameson Olson III were his passengers at the time of accident, reports said.

According to reports, the three victims were able to swim out of the car and tried to reach shore. Cody Allen was able to help his 9-year-old brother hold onto a rock and then attempted to rescue his father.

The young boy held onto the rock for 20 minutes, but was later swept downstream.

Rescuers retrieved the boy and his father, but they were both pronounced dead at the hospital.

On the other hand, divers found the teen's body on Sunday afternoon.

According to CHP reports, the Pontiac Firebird car's worn out tires can be a factor in the accident.

Driving the worn-out tire on rain-slicked Highway 70 can spell disaster on a weekend family trip. Failure to tread the tires or replace old ones can reduce traction on a wet road surface. The tires can slip, swerve, and cause difficulty for the driver to control.

When the driver fails to reduce speed and regain traction, the car awaits hitting a road object.

What seems to be a father-and sons’ trip ends up as a catastrophic event. The mother could have been waiting for her boys to come home for dinner. What she met were the police officers, informing her of the accident.

Changing lanes or passing recreation vehicles can be a hazardous action, especially during rainy days. The slippery road can be enough for the tires to lost traction and cause the car to swerve and rollover.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Singer Sean Kingston Suffers Serious Injuries in Jet Ski Crash

This time Sean Kingston was not suicidal for a beautiful girl, he just didn't make it when he tried to avoid a Palm Island Bridge while jet skiing in Miami on Sunday at 6 p.m.

The Beautiful Girls' singer was jet skiing with a female friend when he failed to make a high-speed turn away from the small bridge, according to reports.

Fortunately, an off-duty Coast Guard passed by the resort and rushed the two to Ryder Trauma Center. Kingston was later moved at the intensive care unit of Jackson Memorial Hospital, reports said.

His publicist, Joseph Carozza, commented that the mixed reggae artist is expected to recover from his injuries.

Fellow singers such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Soulja Boy expressed their support in helping their friend survive his injuries.

More so, Serena Williams visited Kingston at the hospital and later tweeted how special the artist is for her.

Perhaps Kingston will find the right girl for him after his catastrophic Jet Ski crash. Let’s see if the promising musician can work it out this time. He will just need to learn how to slow down while riding the Jet Ski and observe safety measures to prevent another accident.

Speeding with the Jet Ski is hazardous, especially when skiing near stationary objects such as bridges and other objects in water. Overspeeding can reduce the rider’s response time especially during an emergency that calls for quick maneuvers such as a turn.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When Metro Meets Jeep: LA Vehicle Collision Injures Seven People

What happens when a Metro Bus collides with a white SUV at LA intersection? The Los Angeles paramedics have known well that they have to pull injured passengers again.

Numerous times, SUV crash reports alerted us of its potential hazard. However, more people still continue to patronize this high-wheeled vehicle. Its spacious and speedier features have convinced motorists of its functionality. However, such nice quality cannot compensate for the injuries your loved ones may sustain in case of a roll over accident.

According to reports, at least seven people were hurt after a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) hit an oncoming Metro Bus at Broadway and 54th Street on Sunday at 2:25 p.m.

The SUV overturned after the crash, injuring two of its occupants. On the other hand, at least five passengers of Metro bus were hurt. Paramedics arrived and rushed the victims to a local hospital.

Bus - SUV accident accounted for more than 40 percent of U.S.' accident rate. Most of the buses involved in these accidents are from Metro Bus. SUV often caused serious injury to occupants as it has the tendency to overturn during a crash because of its high center of gravity.

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