Thursday, June 9, 2011

Man Dies after Assault, Run Over Crash in LA

If stabbing is not enough to kill an enemy, using a car as another weapon may do the job. This may be the idea running in the mind of the two attackers as they jabbed the man and run him over.

According to Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), two men stabbed the victim, struck him with their car, and left the scene. As they reached the 1300 block of North Bradley Avenue, the car driver lost control of the wheels and crashed onto a pole.

The jabbed man was pronounced dead at the scene. The two attackers sustained injuries in the car accident and were transported to a local hospital, reports said.

LAPD homicide and traffic officers are investigating the case.

Unluckily, the attackers reveal themselves to authorities as they crashed the car and asked for medical treatment. The two men are now facing homicide and traffic law violation charges.

What is supposed to be a smooth criminal plan has ended up as a catastrophic crash. You see, crime does pay. And this time, they literally have to spend for their own hospital bill and legal expenses.

Sooner, the two men have to deal with the intentional misconduct allegations against them. Homicide coupled with traffic law violation has grave penalties and may lead to lengthy imprisonment penalty.

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