Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father and Sons Killed after Car Crash and Drowning Accident

What can be more tragic when a wife sees his husband dead weeks before Father's Day? And, isn't it worst when her kids are gone on a single day? Perhaps, it will just be prayers that can help ease her pain.

On Saturday, Cody Allen Olson, 16, was driving a family car on rain-slicked Highway 70 when it passed a recreational vehicle. He tried to switch lane, but the car swerved and plummeted into the cold Feather River. His father identified as Jameson Olson and younger brother Jameson Olson III were his passengers at the time of accident, reports said.

According to reports, the three victims were able to swim out of the car and tried to reach shore. Cody Allen was able to help his 9-year-old brother hold onto a rock and then attempted to rescue his father.

The young boy held onto the rock for 20 minutes, but was later swept downstream.

Rescuers retrieved the boy and his father, but they were both pronounced dead at the hospital.

On the other hand, divers found the teen's body on Sunday afternoon.

According to CHP reports, the Pontiac Firebird car's worn out tires can be a factor in the accident.

Driving the worn-out tire on rain-slicked Highway 70 can spell disaster on a weekend family trip. Failure to tread the tires or replace old ones can reduce traction on a wet road surface. The tires can slip, swerve, and cause difficulty for the driver to control.

When the driver fails to reduce speed and regain traction, the car awaits hitting a road object.

What seems to be a father-and sons’ trip ends up as a catastrophic event. The mother could have been waiting for her boys to come home for dinner. What she met were the police officers, informing her of the accident.

Changing lanes or passing recreation vehicles can be a hazardous action, especially during rainy days. The slippery road can be enough for the tires to lost traction and cause the car to swerve and rollover.

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