Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pregnant Tori Spelling Unhurt after LA Car Accident

Accident runs in the family.

This may be true for Tori and Dean because they both now faced the danger of traveling along Los Angeles’ roads.

On Monday, actress Tori Spelling crashed her car onto a school's wall as she tried to run away from a paparazzo, according to reports.

Reports said the Beverly Hill's icon was driving her two children to school when a photographer chased her car. Her car hit the school's curb and crashed onto the wall. The paparazzo still attempted to take some photos after the crash, but some school moms rescued Tori.

The Hollywood celeb and her two kids, Liam and Stella, were unhurt in the accident. Nevertheless, she visited her doctor to check whether her unborn baby is safe.

In her Twitter account, she narrated how the paparazzo still insisted on taking photos despite her condition.

It seems like the paparazzo was eager to get a real glimpse of the pregnant celeb. Perhaps the family's snap shots on Oxygen's Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood are not enough to reveal the family affairs. But, knowing that pregnant Tori already
crashed her car, the photographer should have called it quits.

Maybe it’s about time that LA City enforces stringent policies for paparazzi. Hollywood celebrities oftentimes are compelled to exceed speed limit just to escape intrusive photographers. Such act exposes actresses to crashes and injuries.

Good thing Dean McDermott has now recovered quite from his motorbike crash in July 2010 and he can assist his pregnant wife in moving in and out of LA streets.

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