Wednesday, December 19, 2012

President Obama Seeks Action after Connecticut School Shooting

After the news broke about the fatal shooting rampage in an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut last Friday, President Barack Obama in his grieving statement called for a significant action to curb gun violence.

The President said that he intends to bring together leaders at all levels in the country to seek for ways to restrain gun violence. Apparently, he seemed remorseful for having done nothing decisive against gun violence during his first term, although he supports the reinstatement of the ban on assault weapon sales.

However, following the said statement, House spokesperson Jay Carney told the media that the immediate aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting is not the right time to discuss policy on gun violence.

As previously reported, last Friday was probably the most tragic day of the year for many Newton residents after Adam Lanza, 20, shot to death his mother, Nancy Lanza, 52, and then went to the nearby elementary school, Sandy Hook, where engaged in a mass shooting.

Lanza shot 26 victims multiple times with his rifle, killing them instantly. He then shot himself in the head using one of his hand guns.

Unfortunately, 20 of the fatalities were children aged just six and seven, while the six others were all adult women, including the school principal, the psychologist, and four other school staff.

According to the Connecticut State Police, Lanza held two handguns and an assault rifle which were all found to be registered under the name of his mother. Meanwhile, initial investigation revealed that most of the victims were killed by multiple gunshots from his riffle.

Until present, the motive of the shooter is still undetermined but the investigation is gearing towards such discovery. Recent reports said that authorities have already recovered lots of solid evidences from Lanza’s home, but they have not revealed what prompted him to do the mass killing.

Meanwhile, Lanza’s father was said to be shocked at the horror caused by his son since he was generally described as a shy, silent, and nerdy young man.

So far, no premise liability claim was reportedly raised by the victims’ family against the school. Apparently, the transgressor broke into the school using the locked door. Therefore, such claims could be far possible since the school’s security apparently have never been an issue as previously reported by several media sources. However, it could be too early to tell for sure that no claims will ever be made,  since the incident happened just a few days ago. Most definitely, the families of the victims are still mourning their loved ones’ death, a Los Angeles injury lawyer said.