Thursday, August 4, 2011

L.A. Art Walk Accident Involving 2-Month-Old Child Becomes a Wake-up Call

Motorists and pedestrians alike deserve safer streets and roads. Although many accidents occur due to the negligence of certain drivers, some vehicle accidents happen because of unsafe streets.

The tragic death of a two-month-old child at the Los Angeles Art Walk became a wake-up call for authorities. The City Council assigned a new task force that will review traffic, pedestrian maintenance, and other road safety issues along the area to avoid any horrific accident in the future.

Last month, a driver crashed into a curb of L.A. Art Walk while trying to park his vehicle. The mishap left several pedestrians injured and a two-month-old baby, Marcello Vasquez, dead.

According to traffic officials, the Art Walk accommodates up to 30,000 people when there are events. The large number of crowd is difficult to manage and secure, and controlling traffic along the area becomes problematic. In addition, inconsistent traffic control may cause hazards to both drivers and pedestrians and it can greatly increase the risks of a road accident.

Car accidents may result in injuries and deaths, just like what happened to the innocent infant victim. Drivers must always take all the possible caution to avoid any destructive accident. Victims of car accidents have the legal right to file for compensation claims against negligent drivers who cause them pain and suffering.

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