Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pregnant Pedestrian’s Unborn Killed in a Inglewood Car Accident

Only bulls ran over color red; for humans, red means stop, not go. A woman driver in Inglewood, California, acted like wild bull instead of a reasonable driver when she sped up and ran through a red traffic light, hitting a pregnant pedestrian and killing her unborn child.

According to news reports, the driver, Janine Mayfield, hit a pregnant woman, identified as Brittney Cheeseman at Market Street, Inglewood. Right after the pedestrian accident, Cheeseman was brought to a local hospital to have her injuries treated. Unfortunately, the victim’s unborn did not survive the accident.

Police investigation found out that Mayfield ran over a red light and did not stop when she hit Cheeseman. Witnesses to the accident notified the police of the plate number of the car that helped in tracking down Mayfield, reports said. The driver was arrested and being held on a $50,000 bail.

A simple act of carelessness when driving may result in life-damaging consequences for the victim. In the case of Mayfield, because of her negligence in following traffic rule, life of an innocent unborn child is lost.

In legal sense, Cheeseman may file for personal injury and wrongful death claims against the female driver. Under the tort law, it is the legal obligation of a negligent driver to provide compensations for the car accident victim.

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