Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 3 Reminders for Drivers

Road accidents happen more than 10 times a day and it is always good to be aware of your rights as well as your responsibilities while you’re on the road.

Being oblivious of the law when it comes to dealing with vehicle accidents gives us no excuse to face the consequences of our actions that’s why today, we have come up with top 3 things to remember while you are behind the wheel.

Number 3: Never drive drunk.

As much as it has been a cliché, a lot of people still forget or some intentionally break this rule. A lot of lives have been in jeopardy due to people driving under the influence of alcohol.
Driving is a huge responsibility so no matter how tempting it is to drink while coming from a party, you have to make a stand and be disciplined enough not to do so.

Number 2: Never use your mobile phone.

In California, it has already been part of the law and was announced by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that the use of mobile phones while driving will cause an infraction for those who will violate it.

That law that was released back in 2009 is just reasonable to assure the safety of the person driving, as well as to the people on the streets.

Number 1: Focus.

It is hard to do anything if your mind is somewhere else and this definitely applies while driving. Being 100% focused while on the road is a must especially if you’re a new driver.

Avoid talking to your seatmate, eating, drinking and even listening to loud music if it will only cause your attention to dwindle while you’re behind the wheel.

Keep in mind all these simple tips that we have for you to avoid road accidents. Remember that it’s not only you who could suffer from it but other people as well.

Car and other vehicular accidents are not something new especially if you are living in California. If you have experienced it or if there’s anyone you know who has been a victim of it, it’s better to consult a California personal injury lawyer.