Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Octuplet Doctor Faces Accusation of Negligence

Doctors are expected to provide their patients with the best care possible. If they failed to do so, disastrous results can materialize like in the case of a woman who was pregnant with octuplets.

According to the California Medical Board, the actions of Beverly Hills fertility doctor Michael Kamrava went beyond the logical judgment of a treating physician after he continually provided fertility treatment to a woman.

The state licensing body is now accusing the doctor of violating imposed personal guidelines and negligence.

Nadya Suleman earlier named Kamrava as her doctor. Documents show that his patient conceived octuplets.

She gave birth the previous year.

No hearing date has been currently set concerning the case.

Being accused of negligence is not something doctors can easily ignore because their credibility might be ruined even if the accusation is not yet proven. To avoid being involved in such situation, doctors should carefully study the case of all their patients before treating them.