Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long Beach Authorities in Search of Fatal Hit-and-Run Driver

Hit and run drivers are increasing in number, leaving mostly the victims and their loved ones unable to acquire the justice they deserve.

Recovering damages in a fatal hit-and-run accident is difficult especially when the unidentified driver refuses to take responsibility for his negligent actions. This problem is now being faced by the loved ones of Samira Chalala, 54, from Cypress.

According to reports, Chalala died when she was hit by a 1998 Nissan Frontier while trying to cross 27th Street along Pasadena Avenue in Long Beach.

There was no designated crosswalk in the accident area, said reports.

The victim was brought to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center where she was announced dead due to her injuries.

Hopefully, someone will emerge as a witness and identify the driver so that he will be finally forced to face the outcome of his wrong actions. If ever it was proven that his negligence resulted to the fatal accident, he may face different punishments including license cancellation, jail time, and paying of fines.