Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bicyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

It is not clear yet who had the right of way in the accident that killed a bicyclist in Compton Monday afternoon.

However, one thing is for sure, the driver of the van that hit him is in a big legal trouble.
According to reports, the hit-and-run accident occurred near Compton Avenue and Dwight Avenue at about 1:23pm

The bicyclist was going north on Dwight when he was struck by a 1990 vintage grey Ford Aerostar van that was going east on Compton.

The bicyclist was pronounced dead on the scene and the van was nowhere in sight.
Now the police are searching for the van and the driver.

Under the law, we are required to stop after a vehicle accident.

We are required to exchange information and we are required to provide reasonable assistance to those who are hurt.

Who knows, the bicyclist could have been saved if only he stopped and made arrangements for the victim to be treated immediately.

Now, civil liabilities are the least of his problem.

He may be charged with homicide for the death of the bicyclist and could spend some time in jail.