Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Woman Loses her Unborn Child in Car Accident

Nothing hurts a mother more than to endure almost nine months of pregnancy, only to lose her baby even before he or she was born.

That is probably what the woman from this news item is feeling right now after the vehicle accident that killed her unborn child.

According to reports, the eight month pregnant woman was a passenger in a car that made an “unsafe left turn” then collided with a lunch truck and another vehicle at the intersection of West Washington Boulevard and South Western Avenue in Harvard Heights.

The woman sustained injuries and was brought to a hospital where her child was declared dead.

In this case, the woman can file a personal injury claim for her own injuries and a wrongful death claim for her unborn child.

Under the law, a passenger cannot be held liable for a car accident unless he or she distracted the driver.

Not only can she collect for the expenses brought by her injuries and the death of her child, she can also collect for the monetary equivalent of the pain, grief and suffering she endured because of the events that happened.

The monetary compensation will not replace her child but it’s an amount that she deserves for what she lost.