Friday, May 28, 2010

Man Dies in Motorcycle Accident in Cajon last Weekend

The identity of the man who died in a motorcycle accident in El Cajon the other day was identified by the County Medical Examiner’s Office as 38-year-old Nathaniel Joseph Camacho of El Cajon.

According to reports, Camacho was driving a Honda CBR motorcycle on the eastbound lane of Greenfield Drive when he collided with a Toyota Camry that was making a U-turn at about 8:50pm last Sunday.

Camacho was pronounced dead a few hours after being taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital.

No other injuries were reported and the crash is still under investigation.
The family of Camacho should consult a motorcycle accident attorney to see if they can file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the Toyota Camry.

Even if Camacho had some fault in the accident, his family may still be able to collect from the insurance company as long as they can prove that the Camry driver was also negligent behind the wheel.

However, even if the claim of the family is approved by the insurance company, the amount will still be reduced depending on the level of fault that the insurance adjusters find out about the investigation.

This is the concept of comparative negligence that is being recognized by the state of California.

And you can expect the insurance company to fully investigate the case to find causes to reduce the payment that they are going to give.

That is why the family of Camacho should always have their car accident attorney with them whenever they communicate with the insurance company.

This is to ensure that they are not being taken advantaged of and that they will get a fair amount from the claim.