Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teen Crashes into House, Injures Toddler and Grandfather

An 18-month-old infant and his grandfather were in critical condition after a teen driver who appeared to be drunk made an unsafe turn in a residential neighborhood and hit them.

Authorities reported that the 17-year-old driver, whose identity is yet to be released, apparently sped off after spotting an officer on a motorcycle responding to a disturbance call.

The officer then made a U-turn and started tailing the SUV driven by the teen before he veered into Lake Boulevard where he struck a sign, injured pedestrians along the sidewalk, and crashed into the house.

Reports show that the man was walking his grandson on a stroller when they were hit by the speeding SUV. Rescuers were able to transport the 18-month-old boy and his 50-year-old grandfather to the hospital where they were treated for serious injuries.

The intoxicated driver was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run and felony DUI as he tried to drive away from the scene. The three passengers of the SUV fled on foot but authorities were able to apprehend two of them.

The teen’s intoxication, his attempt to elude a police officer, and the unsafe turn he made while speeding can all be blamed for the accident. Teen drivers may feel invincible when they are behind the wheel. Nevertheless, they should keep in mind that their vulnerability to accidents is heightened by their inexperience and dangerous experiments while driving.

Hopefully, the man and his grandson will have a quick recovery and they won’t have to suffer from any permanent damages caused by a single person’s disregard for safety.