Thursday, April 29, 2010

Woman Dies in Collision Involving LAPD Patrol Vehicle

Authorities are expected to obey the law because they are the ones who are required to implement it. One of the primary duties that they have is to ensure the safety of everyone.

It is unfortunate that two Los Angeles police officers may have done the exact opposite when they got themselves involved in a recent fatal car accident in Sylmar.

A woman died after her vehicle was hit by the two officers’ patrol car along Dyer Street and Glenoaks Boulevard.

According to reports, the woman later identified as Jovanna Lugo, 26-27 years old, from Sylmar, was just pulling out of her driveway when her vehicle was suddenly hit by the patrol car.

Authorities said the two officers were conducting a “routine” patrol when the incident occurred.

Lugo was announced dead at the accident area while the two offers only sustained minor injuries.

It can be disappointing to know that the people who should protect Lugo were the ones who may have been responsible for her death. Hopefully, authorities will be more careful while on the roads, regardless if they are on or off duty.