Thursday, July 29, 2010

Driver Dies in Vacaville Crash, Five Others Injured

A recent car accident in Vacaville has killed a driver and injured his five young passengers when their vehicle hit a walnut tree near Pleasants Valley Road.

Reports show that the driver of the Volkswagen Jetta died after the vehicle veered off Vaca Valley Road and hit a tree. Authorities say that the occupants of the vehicle weren’t wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident which resulted to the fatality and injuries of the passengers.

The front seat passenger reportedly sustained serious injuries while the other four seating at the back were also injured after they were ejected from the vehicle.

Authorities are yet to conclude whether alcohol or drugs could have caused the accident. Nonetheless, the driver should have made sure that he and his passengers were wearing their seatbelts as the injuries could have been lessened.

Seatbelts should never be under estimated as they secure vehicle occupants in their seats and prevents them from hitting their heads onto the dashboard or the roof in case the vehicle overturns.