Thursday, July 22, 2010

Head-on Collision of two Harley Davidson Injures two Motorcyclists

A motorcycle accident in San Diego has resulted in two people being sent to the hospital for major injuries.

According to police, the head-on collision between two Harley Davidson motorcycles happened at about 6:20 pm Friday night.

Reports said that the first motorcycle, which was being driven by a 21-year-old male, was going at a very high speed when it lost control and slid into the path of the second motorcycle, which was being driven by a 25-year-old male.

The first motorcyclist sustained severe injuries including a collapsed lung and lacerated liver.

The second motorcyclist, on the other hand, suffered serious leg and foot injuries.
The second motorcyclist should be able to file a personal injury claim against the first motorcyclist to collect compensation for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

However since the first motorcyclist’s life is clearly in danger, the question will be, what would happen to the claim if he dies?

Although any possible criminal charges will no longer be applicable, it will not affect the personal injury claim.

Besides, the claim will be handled by the insurance company and not by the defendant anyway.

However, once the claim is approved, the second motorcyclist can only collect up to the limit of the car accident insurance policy of the first motorcyclist.

He will have to shoulder the other expenses if the coverage of the policy is insufficient.