Thursday, June 4, 2009

Los Angeles to build new bike lanes and pathways

If motorists have at least two lanes where to maneuver their vehicles, bikers have bike lanes, paths and trails.

However, the lanes and paths located in Los Angeles were not enough to accommodate the growing number of bikers or cyclists. A 134 mile of bike paths and 321 miles of bike lanes stretched through the city seemed insufficient to cater the needs of the biking public.

Consequently, bikers or cyclists are forced to share the streets with car and even larger vehicles at their disadvantage.

To address this dilemma, Los Angeles officials gave cyclists a chance to take part in finding the solution. Cyclists were given until June 12 to review and offer suggestions on how the proposed new bike lanes would pass through the city.

City officials distributed proposed maps laying down the locations where these lanes and pathways would be built specifically on the streets in the Westside, in the Valley, South L.A. and downtown.

Bikers are exposed to many dangers. In case of collision, bikers sustain the more serious injuries. Bikers are also in danger of attacks from vicious animals. Hence, there must be a place for them to safely and leisurely ride their bikes.

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