Friday, May 15, 2009

Three undocumented immigrants injured in car crash

Roughly, about 2.8 millions of illegal immigrants reside in California.

Most of them choose to work in California as it tends to favor some form of legalization. Hence, illegal immigrants evade being caught while working and applying for a legal status.

Evading patrol agents made three undocumented immigrants sped off and crashed their car against a tree.

When two patrol agents became suspicious of a silver 2005 Ford Taurus at northbound on Sunrise Highway, a brief pursuit ensued when the car refused to stop. Migrant smugglers often used such route to avoid border patrol checkpoint.

The agents ended the chase as the road conditions prevent them from running their patrol car fast. They were informed later that the car struck a tree.

California Highway Patrol Officer Brian Pennings reported that the driver failed to negotiate a curve, struck a tree and a dirt embankment. The driver and two passengers were all taken to the hospitals.

Aside form immigration issues, the driver would be facing other charges for his negligent driving. The victims may consult a personal injury lawyer to help them navigate the intricacies of California personal injury laws should they wish to file a case.