Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Teens Killed in an Alcohol related Crash

Teen drivers are aggressive, adventurous and carefree. Predictably, reckless driving is one of the causes of death among them.

In a fatal alcohol related crash, two teenagers died and one in critical condition after their pickup truck lost control, skidded, went off the road and struck a tree.

Jacquelyn A. Ardalan and Miles A. Christensen who were ejected from their seats died at the scene. Jared Berggren, the pickup driver, was rushed at UCI Medical Center in Orange for immediate medical attention.

The accident occurred at the eastbound on Coyote Hills Drive, west of Gilbert Street. The Fullerton authorities revealed that the three teenagers were on a drinking spree in a cul-de-sac where remains of alcohol were found.

An alarming statistics revealed that 60% of all teen car accident deaths are due to alcohol.

Authorities have long addressed the problem on drunk driving. Measure’s such as increasing the drinking age to 21 has been adopted by some states. Consequently, teen fatal driving accidents dramatically decrease. Some states even reduced the legally drunk blood alcohol limit from .10 to .08.

Moreover, a program had been implemented on more than 20 states where first-time drunk driving offenders come face to face with a panel of drunken driving victim’s families.

Despite programs addressed to prevent drunk driving, teen drunk driving still exists. It only shows that the responsibility of ensuring our children’s safety not only lies in the hands of the authorities but also from the active involvement of the parents, schools and the teens themselves.