Friday, July 10, 2009

Santa Monica wildfire

Fire accident is a horrific tragedy which leads to catastrophic loss of lives and property. Even when an individual survives, property damage could climb up to millions.

A distinctive quality of fire is that not only its flame but also its smoke could create devastating and lasting effects especially to humans.

When a single house burns, it could create enormous fire and mountains of smoke. Imagine more than 80 acres dense brush burning for hours.

In Santa Monica, a horrifying scene is currently happening. A stubborn bush fire continues to burn in the Sepulveda Pass forcing the nearby residents to evacuate. The occupants of Getty Center and Mount St. Mary's College already evacuated the vicinity. The brush fire also caused traffic to jam on the 405 Freeway.

Authorities reported that the fire broke out in the 1200 block of Getty Center Drive. Although no injuries were reported and no structures were destroyed, the area continued to burn uncontrollably. Helicopters were already sent to dive into the hillside and drop water.

Fire happens because someone or something causes them. Oftentimes, the cause of fire is due to the negligent acts of people. If fire causes destruction or damage, the party at fault may be indicted for it.

For victims of fire accidents, a personal injury lawyer may help in gathering evidence to seek compensation.