Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Famous Fashion Designer Smashes Store Window

People strolling along Girard Avenue, La Jolla was stunned when a Ford Taurus wagon smashed into a Meanley & Son Ace Hardware window.

The incident injured a 42 year old customer at the store who was hit by a table that was struck by the wagon. The victim was treated for minor injuries.

The driver of the wagon was identified as Zandra Rhodes, a famous British international fashion designer. Rhodes known for her colorful hair was not injured and left without comment.

Reports failed to disclose what caused the incident. No charges have yet been filed.

According to statistics, most crashes are caused by driver’s behavior. In this case negligence on Rhode’s part was clear. The accident may have been due to exhaustion as reports confirmed that she had been splitting Del Mar and London for business.

Knowledge on the common causes and outcome of car accidents is necessary. By knowing them, drivers would be more conscientious and proactive in avoiding a serious collision or crash.