Tuesday, July 31, 2012

California Freeway Construction Accident Deaths Continue

In only a matter of days, two accidents have happened in two different construction sites of the California Freeway.

The first accident occurred last July 22 at the 405 Freeway in Torrance. According to reports, two construction workers were killed while one sustained minor injuries after two suspected drunken drivers plowed into the area of the freeway where men were doing a repaving project. The two construction workers who died from the incident were identified as Ramon Lopez, 56, and Ricardo Zamora, 58.

On Tuesday, another accident happened, this time in the 10 Freeway in San Bernardino. At least two construction workers were injured after a minivan driven by David Sanders, 32, with his dog on the passenger seat plowed into the construction zone and slammed into the back of a Caltrans truck while the construction workers were picking up cones. The driver of the minivan and his dog were pronounced dead while the two construction workers were transported to Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center for their minor injuries sustained.

Caltrans claimed that the two construction workers that were killed from the accident cannot be added to any Caltrans memorial since those men were unfortunately not state employees.

Although it was only the second freeway construction accident for the month, if counting back on the accidents that occurred in the previous months and even years, it shows that freeway construction accidents are becoming a serious problem in the Golden State.

Incidentally, there are lots of causes of construction accidents that may occur in Freeway, and whether the victims are Caltrans workers or not, such people still deserve protection from such perilous situations. Construction workers are the most vulnerable in such freeway accidents since they were in a zone wherein they were surrounded by speeding vehicle, reminded a Los Angeles construction accident lawyer.