Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twilight Fan Dies from Pedestrian Accident during Comic-Con Event

While having a busy day promoting the vampire franchise’s final film, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” The Twilight cast members, together with their fans, are likewise mourning after the tragic pedestrian accident that happened to one of its diehard fans during a Comic-Con event.

The 53-year-old fan was identified as Gisele Gagliardi, of Kingston, New York, who was known to be a diehard fan of Twilight for years and who was always present in every Twilight event.

Unfortunately, while Gagliardi was apparently on her way to preserve a place for the popular convention last Tuesday, fate had moved its way against her. Gagliardi was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street against the fast approaching traffic, according to police report.

Initial investigation revealed that Gagliardi, although crossing in a legal crosswalk, had ran a red light when she tried to run alone across Harbor Drive towards the San Diego Convention Center, where the Comic-Con event is being held. Harbor Drive is a very busy street with two lanes on both sides. Obviously, it is quite risky to cross the street while the red light is on.

According to police, Gagliardi tried to stop as she saw the Subaru Outback SUV approaching towards her, but she accidentally tripped and hit the side of the vehicle. As a result of which, Gagliardi was knocked unconscious and sustained head injury. She was then transported to a hospital but was later pronounced dead. The Simpson-Gaus Funeral Home in Kingston confirmed Gagliardi’s death.

News report said that according to police, the driver who hit Gagliardi has been cooperative with the investigation. However, the driver will not be charged over the incident since Gagliardi was at fault when she crossed the street on a red light.

Several Twilight stars and other staff members are sending their condolences to the family and friends of Gagliardi. Also, fans are offering their moment of silence for Gagliardi. In addition, the Twilight film’s producers, on behalf of Lionsgate and Summit, also released a statement about the die-hard fan’s death, saying the entire Twilight community was saddened by the death of a fan caused by a traffic accident during the moments leading up to this year’s convention in San Diego.

We all know that drivers of motor vehicles are given the responsibility of abiding by traffic laws and should drive in a safe and attentive manner at all times. However, although motorists are required to yield right of way to pedestrians on a crosswalk, in cases like Gagliardi’s, it is not lawful for pedestrians to use the crosswalk at any time they desire since there are traffic lights placed in crosswalks for pedestrians to follow, explained a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer.